3 Arguments in Favor of Rehab

3 Arguments in Favor of RehabThere are a myriad of reason that entering a rehabilitation program makes sense for a person struggling with an addiction to drugs like Lorcet. These reasons range from practical thoughts to the results of neuroscientific research. Before diving into these reasons, it is important to consider and refute the reasons that an individual might not be in favor of rehab:

  • I don’t want to lose my job – Depending upon the circumstances regarding your entry into a rehab program, your employment may be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Acts.[1] These protections may include reasonable accommodations such as a modified work schedule to allow for participation in a rehab program or a leave of absence for an inpatient rehab center stay.
  • I don’t have a problem – Frankly, if some of those closest to you are mentioning rehabilitation, you have a problem. You probably need to set aside the ego and deal with facts.
  • I cannot afford it – Most insurances offer some sort of benefit for inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Also, many facilities are willing to consider an income-sensitive payment plan. However, it is at least as important to acknowledge the truth that your finances should not trump your health.

With some of these excuses removed, let’s move forward with the three reasons to consider rehab.

Sooner Is Always Better With Addiction

If you know you have an addiction to drugs like Lorcet, you can also be certain that this chronic illness will continue to take its toll on you. You will make poor choices over time that will cause you significant physical, financial and emotional pain. You may lie to those closest to you in an attempt to get the next fix. You might begin to have problems with showing up to school or work on time, and your performance might suffer.

Perhaps it is time to flip the question about rehab. Instead of asking yourself, “When should I consider rehab,” the better question might be, “What is keeping me from considering rehab right now?” If you are in a place where you know addiction is a problem, the odds of overcoming it independently are very small. Why would you not seek the help you need? If you want to prioritize your own health, there is no need to wait until your life has fallen apart.

Your Friends and Family Know You Best

If you can pull away from the emotions that arise when someone suggests rehab to you, one thing will become obvious—the person who suggested rehab is not angry with you but rather cares for you. Whether a coworker, spouse, college buddy or boss, rehab was suggested because it is obvious you are not yourself.

It can be difficult to come to grips with the level of your Lorcet addiction because a person typically does not see himself as accurately as others. This is particularly true of addiction as most individuals are not aware of their own level of addiction. It is for this reason the National Council or Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. has a self-administered test to assess a drug problem.

It might be a good idea to take this quiz to assess if you have an addiction problem. Even better, it could be a useful exercise to ask a couple of your closest friends or family members to take it with you in mind. Together, you will be able to come to a consensus about the seriousness of your drug or alcohol problem.

Keep this in mind while you take the test. Someone who knows who you are, who understands your tendencies and cares deeply for you has already mentioned rehab. This suggestion has not come without deep thought or without considering the consequences of such a conversation. Trust your friends—they know you well.

You Will Find the Support You Need

Many individuals want to believe it is possible to fight addiction like to Lorcet in isolation. For most, this is simply not true. Because addiction literally changes the chemistry of the brain over time, you are fighting your own brain when you try to break an addiction.

Rehab programs have trained professionals who understand the chemistry and psychology addiction at a much deeper level than most others do and as a result are able to provide the right combination of support and accountability to push you toward clean living. Those working in rehab programs have hundreds if not thousands of hours helping others battle addiction to come out on the other end able to live a clean life. A rehab program will help you perhaps more effectively than any other option available to you.

Friends and Family Likely Make the Difference for Your Recovery

Addiction can steal so much from your life—friends, family, children, employment and self-worth, to name just a few. The cost of addiction is too high. If this is where you are right now, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. We can help you. We can answer your questions. The admissions counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction to drugs like Lorcet. They can help you find your way.

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