3 Common Fears about Lortab Recovery

3 common fears about Lortab recoveryLortab is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen that is prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Classified as Schedule II narcotic in the Controlled Substances Act, Lortab is in the category of drugs that have the highest abuse potential and addiction profile. When used correctly and under a doctor’s supervision, Lortab can help a person manage his or her pain. However when painkillers are misused or abused, they can lead to health problems, addiction and even death.

The Effects of Chronic Pain

When people experience intense pain on a continual basis, their quality of life is negatively altered. Chronic pain sufferers may receive a Lortab prescription merely to allow them to function in a more normal manner. One of the most negative components of pain on a daily basis is that a person becomes consumed with attempting to relieve the pain. The pain is the central focus of their lives, and it impacts them emotionally, socially and physically. Attempting to maintain normal personal and professional relationships becomes difficult, because the person is so uncomfortable that they often cannot think clearly and rationally. Pain causes their emotions to range from anger to desperation, and they often lash out at those around them.

Lortab Addiction after Legitimate Prescription Use

One of the major problems with Lortab use is that people often do not fully understand this drug. Not knowing enough about such a powerful substance increases the risk of Lortab being misused or abused. Reasons people may not worry about Lortab use include the following:

  • Many people think painkillers are safe because their doctor prescribed them
  • Painkillers are widely available and advertised
  • Those abusing Lortab may get the drug from a friend or family member who got Lortab legally and was told it was safe

Despite these common misconceptions, Lortab remains a powerful and potentially deadly substance.

Three Common Fears about Lortab Recovery

Despite knowing and experiencing the negative side effects of Lortab, addicted individuals may continue to use this drug. They may avoid rehab and recovery due to fear of the following:

  • Pain. If Lortab was prescribed for pain management, users may fear the return of this original pain during recovery. Other users may fear the pain of withdrawal. Both fears are unfounded, as medical professionals will work to find alternatives for pain management and will alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms during the recovery process.
  • Loss of identity. When a person has spent a considerable amount of time connecting their identity to pain or to drug use, he or she may fear losing this identity. The idea of trying to rebuild your sense of self is frightening, but a rehab program will help you become the person you want to be.
  • Lifestyle changes. Lortab users often live their lives in a manner to avoid either physical or psychological pain. Recovery involves exploring emotions that may seem painful, and a life after rehab may involve hurt from time to time. Rehab will teach individuals how to cope with everyday life and the stress it may involve.

Get Help for Lortab Abuse

Call us to ask questions about your or a loved one’s Lortab use. We are available 24 hours a day, and all calls are confidential. We want to help you find the treatment program that will help you overcome Lortab addiction. We can provide you with options, information about insurance and recovery resources. We are here to help.