4 Unexpected Life Benefits of Becoming Sober

4 Unexpected Life Benefits of Becoming SoberEveryone thinks that they understand the benefits of leading a sober life. They believe that, if you break free of the prison of addiction, then you get to make your own choices, you do not have to worry about your drug or alcohol addiction wrecking your career and your friends and loved ones can begin to trust you again. And yet, these obvious benefits only scratch the surface of what it means to lead a life clean from drugs. Many more benefits are right at your fingertips once you let go of your addiction and choose sobriety.

4 Ways Sobriety Unexpectedly Improves Your Life

If you begin your addiction recovery, then you may experience any of the following benefits:

  • You will find yourself with financial freedom. More money is a clear benefit from choosing sobriety, but many people overlook it. In recovery, every dime that addicts spent on addictive substances will become available for other purposes. You may think this amount of money adds up to little, but finances quickly add up. In fact, in 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that excessive drinking accounts for more than $223 billion per year in the US[1]. While this amount falls onto the shoulders of many people, not just a single drug user, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism provides an alcohol-spending calculator that shows you exactly what your drinking habits cost[2]. That being said, a key component to recovery is that you will find more breathing room in your finances if you choose long-term sobriety.
  • You have the opportunity to rewrite the story of your life. While writing your story might seem inconsequential, true power comes when you have decide the trajectory of your life. No longer will you need to be the subject of your addiction, because you will no longer be limited by the substances that you ingest. Instead, your limits will be guided only by your efforts and your dreams. Beyond having broader options, recovery means that you can shift the direction of your life toward whatever goal you desire. In short, instead of being defined by your addiction, recovery will offer the opportunity for you to rebuild your life and to pivot to a new career altogether. You can also help other people accomplish this task if you get involved in addiction recovery and mentor people who are also trying to stay clean from drugs.
  • You will like the person you become much more. It is difficult to have a strong self-image when a substance abuse problem plagues your life. Whenever you choose to focus on your addiction and the ways you feed your cravings, then you may consider your lack of self-control as part of the addiction package. But, as you step away from substance abuse, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy yourself and personal growth to a great degree.
  • You will have a more consistent energy level. A common experience for addicts is wildly inconsistent energy, in part due to the ebbs and flows that come with drug abuse. As your body craves more and more of an addictive substance, you may feel either exhausted or restless if you go too long without a dose. Then, consider the specific impact of your drug of choice, such as how depressants like alcohol or stimulants like cocaine impact energy: your body may become confused, which means you have no ability to regulate your body. However, recovery allows you to create patterns that lead to the energy that drives success.

If you seek professional help to get and stay clean, then you may experience incredible benefits.

Help Starting and Maintaining Recovery

Here is the bottom line for you: no list of benefits will convince you to seek help. It is ridiculous to think that you will have time and energy for a new hobby while you are abusing drugs, and you will not take up such time-consuming tasks while diverting your funds, energy and relationships to drug abuse. However, as you consider the benefits above, then you can choose either to embrace or eschew addiction right now: you can continue leading an empty life, or you can seek help. Yes, it is intensely difficult to overcome addiction, and this article in no way intends to minimize the difficulty. However, you choose to lead your life, so seek recovery rather than being limited by your addiction.

If you are ready to move forward, then seeking professional support may be your next step. If your loved one is ready for a change, then know that support is available both for him and you. Our admissions coordinators can answer your questions and connect you with professional treatment resources. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to learn more about your mental health condition. Our staff can help you find your way if you make the call.

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