5 Reasons to Get Clean from Lortab

5 reasons to get clean from LortabLortab is a drug made from hydrocodone and acetaminophen that is used to treat pain following injury, illness or surgery. Anyone who has taken Lortab is familiar with its addictive effects. Lortab is considered a controlled substance by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and it is only available legally through a prescription. There are two main reasons that people begin taking Lortab: a doctor’s orders or as a way to experience a “high” feeling. No one takes Lortab in the hopes of becoming addicted, yet many users find that they are addicted to Lortab within a few weeks of use. The idea of getting clean from Lortab may feel overwhelming, but recovery is possible.

Am I Addicted to Lortab?

You may be aware that your Lortab use is a problem, but you might not be sure how big the problem is. You may need to consider finding abuse or addiction recovery services if you have experienced the following:

  • Have had negative work or school experiences because of Lortab use?
  • Have been late to or missed important events because of Lortab use?
  • Have had arguments or lost relationships due to Lortab use?
  • Have isolated yourself or resorted to illegal measures to obtain Lortab?
  • Have ever felt sick or irritable without Lortab?

Five Good Reasons to Quit Lortab

If you are not sure about recovery, the following are five good reasons to end Lortab use today:

  1. You will gain control over your own life. How much has Lortab taken from you? Does your happiness depend on your ability to find the drug you crave? Do you depend on Lortab to get by? How long has Lortab been the boss of your life? Maybe it is time to have your life back; maybe it is time to have an even better life than before.
  2. You will be able to rebuild your relationships. Drugs like Lortab tear families apart. Have you lost a relationship that was special to you because of drug use? It may seem impossible to heal the relationships harmed by drug use, but you might be surprised to find that relationships can be fixed.
  3. Your body will thank you. Lortab is not meant to be taken for long periods of time. When you take a drug like Lortab on a regular basis, mix it with other drugs or alcohol or abuse it in any way, your body suffers. You will age rapidly and may face serious illnesses like kidney failure or heart and lung problems if you continue abusing Lortab.
  4. You will live without the fear of what is next. When you struggle with addiction, you are only living from one day to the next. You are not able to live up to your full potential. You can’t love others the way you would like to, and you cannot achieve your goals in the way you dreamed of.
  5. You will protect yourself from the worst. Abusing Lortab will land you in jail or it can kill you. If you continue to use, one of these things will happen. There is no “maybe.” If you are struggling now, get help before it is too late.

Help Finding Lortab Treatment

We offer a toll-free helpline that will get you on the fast track to recovery. When you call our number, you will speak with a live counselor who can help you find addiction resources that fit the needs of you and your family. All of our calls are completely confidential, and we are available 24 hours a day. Find out more about a life without Lortab. Call us now.