5 Tips to Prevent the Development of Addiction

5 Tips to Prevent the Development of AddictionSubstance abuse and addiction can develop unknowingly and unintentionally. Drug addiction is a serious disease that can leave people with great personal loss. It affects all areas of life, including someone’s physical, emotional and mental health. Furthermore, severe financial and social losses are also common results of addiction. Be aware of the signs of addiction and how to prevent it, because this knowledge is essential to avoiding the numerous risks associated with drug abuse. Five tips to prevent addiction to drugs and alcohol are listed below.

Know How Addiction Develops

RecoveryConnection.org suggests that, in order for someone to prevent addiction from developing, she must know how it forms in the first place. Addiction begins as someone uses addictive drugs for recreational purposes. Abusing a prescription medication can also lead to addiction. When people use such substances for recreational purposes (that is, when people repeatedly take drugs with the intent to become intoxicated or to get high), addiction is likely forming.

Get Support to Stop Using Drugs

Even when addiction has not formed, some people have trouble stopping their use of drugs or alcohol. In order to prevent addiction from forming in the first place, it is essential to get help immediately from friends, family and professionals. If someone is using illicit drugs, taking medications in any way other than prescribed or drinking to get drunk, then a problem of abuse is present. Catching a substance abuse problem before it develops an addiction will allow someone to avoid the severe consequences associated with drug dependency.

Have Healthier Habits

People often abuse drugs due to a lack of healthier habits and hobbies. In fact, some people often seek to get drunk or high because they are bored or because their lives are unfulfilling in some way. Ergo, having healthier habits can not only prevent addiction from forming, but it can also bring a higher sense of fulfillment to someone’s life. Healthy habits can include acts such as exercise, meditation and eating well. When someone makes his body healthier, he improves his self-esteem and increases his ability to overcome temptation.

Discover New and Better Ways to Cope With Stress

PsychCentral.com explains that substance abuse typically starts as a means to relieve stress. People will turn to alcohol or prescription drugs when they are stressed out, because they do not know of a better way to deal with the stress quickly or effectively. Such people keep going back to the substance, because it allows them to overcome stress. Unfortunately, the fix that drugs and alcohol offer is only temporary; in reality, substance abuse will only cause more problems than the original stress ever could. On the other hand, going to spas, getting massages, journaling, meditating, hiking and exercising are all examples of better ways to cope with stress.

Overcome Peer Pressure

TreatmentSolutions.com lists different techniques to prevent substance abuse and addiction. Peer pressure is one of the most influential aspects of substance abuse and addiction; it affects not only adolescents, but also adults, who are quite susceptible to peer pressure when it comes to drinking and using drugs. Learning how to deal with peer pressure and overcome it is essential to preventing addiction. Saying no to drugs can only work for so long—to stay clean, people will eventually need different groups of friends who do not pressure anyone to abuse substances.

These five tips for preventing addiction and recognizing its signs can help people avoid the trap of drug abuse. Fairwinds Treatment Center lists the following warning signs of substance abuse and addiction:

  • Using drugs or alcohol excessively or inappropriately
  • Spending a lot of time finding, obtaining and using substances
  • Having trouble stopping or cutting back on the use of substances
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when use of substances is stopped
  • Using alcohol or other substances in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • Using substances even though they cause various problems in life
  • Avoiding activities with friends or friends in order to use a substance
  • Losing friendships as a result of substance abuse
  • Getting in trouble with the law because of substance abuse
  • Experiencing blackouts or memory loss due to substance abuse

If any of these warning signs are present in a friend or family member, then it is important to help her reach recovery. Approach friends who abuse drugs in a loving and caring manner, because it will help them respond well to your need for them to stop abusing drugs in front of you. Making a drug abuser feel bad or ashamed of her actions will likely cause her to avoid you, which will only make matters worse.

Help Finding Treatment for Substance Abuse or Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or addiction to drugs or alcohol, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours each and every day to help you find a treatment program that will work for you. Do not be trapped in a lifestyle of addiction and abuse—call us today for instant, professional care.