6 Benefits of a Recovery Lifestyle

6 Benefits of a Recovery LifestyleLiving life in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction comes with many benefits beyond the obvious benefit of no longer being trapped in a world of substance abuse. A recovery lifestyle is not always the easiest to maintain, as reminders, cravings and triggers to use again will come and go. However, the immediate and long-term benefits of a recovery lifestyle far outweigh the work of having to avoid cravings and triggers. Six categories of how a recovery lifestyle can benefit a person are described below.


The comfort of stability in life is likely something that has long eluded someone addicted to prescription drugs such as Lortab. Before drugs took over, that person likely had a stable job with steady income, a stable home, and stable relationships with friends and family members. Pre-addiction, he was likely emotionally stable and likely had his life generally put together. When drugs and alcohol entered the picture that stability in life was destroyed.

A recovery lifestyle can bring back that stability and the former addict can regain a stable job with steady income, a place to live and supportive relationships with friends and family. One of the biggest benefits of stability in life is the comfort of knowing that things will likely be okay. In the midst of addiction there is so much uncertainty and stress in wondering what will happen next. The addict suffers from severe anxiety in not knowing if he will be able to find his next fix in time. But a new life in recovery has allowed that former addict to find comfort in his own stability.


Likely the top benefit of a recovery lifestyle is improvement in health. Good health is essential to living a long and happy life and it can be achieved in a recovery lifestyle. Addiction can take a toll on a person as constant substance abuse can cause a lot of damage to the mind and body. On top of the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a person’s health, addicts suffer from poor nutrition and a lack of exercise as well. Liver disease, kidney damage, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and excessive weight loss or gain are all potential problems an addict faces.1

However, when an addict overcomes addiction and chooses a recovery lifestyle, the majority of health problems can be reversed or at the very least successfully managed. Being free from drugs can allow a former addict to exercise, eat healthy and feel better. The health changes will not happen overnight but they will never happen if a recovery lifestyle is not practiced.


A lifestyle of substance abuse and addiction likely caused the loss of a lot of healthy friendships. A benefit of a recovery lifestyle is that many of those friendships may be regained and recovery often brings with it many new, sober friends. Having supportive, non-drug using friends is essential to the well-being of a former addict and helps him to be more likely to stay away from drugs for good.


When a person is in the midst of addiction a lot of his money is spent on obtaining drugs and feeding his addiction. Supporting an addiction typically causes people to deplete their savings account, sell their assets and eventually become completely bankrupt. Addiction takes a toll on finances to say the least. However, recovering from addiction and starting over with a new lifestyle free from drugs can allow a former addict to keep a steady job, pay off and debts and get back to a financially responsible place. A recovery lifestyle will likely not make a former addict rich overnight but it will give him the stability in life to eventually regain control of his finances.


The potential and opportunity that a person has is almost always crushed before him when he is feeding an addiction. The substance abuse takes precedence over everything else and causes him to lose out on any and every opportunity. No one is immune to it either, as even celebrities have lost out on major jobs because their substance abuse got in the way. Choosing recovery can allow a former addict to come face to face with opportunity again with the ability to seize it rather than lose out due to a drug problem.


Being happy is something that almost everyone strives for in their lives and reaching recovery can bring that happiness back out in a person. When a former addict overcomes his addiction and reaches a new life in recovery he generally breathes a sigh of relief. Depending on what he does with his new recovery lifestyle, happiness can typically be achieved once again. Suzanne Kane of Element Behavioral Health suggests that approaching every new day with a child-like wonder can help recovering addicts find happiness in their new lifestyle.2

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