Achieving Long-Term Recovery from Lortab Addiction

Achieving long-term recovery from lortab addictionAddiction is an illness. It has deep root issues driving the symptoms of the disease, leading a person to depend on a drug in order to function. Without the proper treatment variables being applied and executed in a person’s life, addiction will simply be a behavior we attempt to modify. This is why many people relapse. Life can’t go on without drugs like Lortab. Life is far too complicated, difficult and emotional without a “fix” enabling them to cope through the daily struggles.

Sobriety is a long-term goal and must be seen as such when beginning the journey. Similar to a marathon, you can’t and shouldn’t start the race at a sprint. A balanced pace must established early on to sustain you for the length of the process. Similar to Lortab addiction recovery, the long-term view must be realized. There is no physical cure for drug addiction and by seeing it as a process to endure, with hopes of achieving a life free from drugs, a person can overcome addiction.

What are the Benefits of Long-Term Recovery from Lortab Addiction?

For the addicted individual, long-term recovery from Lortab addiction has a number of significant benefits. The time required to ensure recovery is for the benefit and overall health of the person. Time is a gift and should be seen as such when dealing with the seriousness of addiction. It simply can’t be cured overnight. Long-term recovery can help by accomplishing the following:

  • Giving an opportunity to work through the most deep-rooted issues. The time given allows for Lortab addiction to be treated at its source. Essentially, this means pursuing the deepest issues regarding why the drug use even began. Moving on too quickly could confound the process and be more harmful than beneficial. Long–term recovery gives individuals a longer time to uncover these issues which have stayed below the surface.
  • Allowing someone to learn and develop a new way of thinking. With longer periods of sobriety, many individuals will begin to see positivity in and through their lives. This can raise the challenge for those that are hooked to their past or are put back into their old, unhealthy environment. But long-term recovery provides the needed time for these concepts to take hold so that an individual may return to their everyday routine better equipped to stay the course.
  • Dealing with co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis. Mental health issues are commonly known to occur at the same time individuals are struggling with Lortab addiction. This can make the recovery process more difficult. Both ailments tend to feed off one another making it complicated to properly diagnosis and proceed with treatment. To ensure that both conditions are addressed carefully and properly, long-term recovery will give an individual a chance to work both with counselors and mental health professionals over an extended period of time.

Long-term recovery from Lortab addiction can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months and is aimed at helping a person be “resocialized” into life. The treatment components that help in this are the program’s entire community of people, including other residents and staff. Recovery allows a person to focus on developing personal accountability and responsibility and socially productive lives. By engaging an individual in highly structured activities that are designed to help them examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and patterns of behavior, they are well able to then adopt new, more harmonious and constructive ways to interact with others.

Need Help Finding Long-Term Recovery from Lortab Addiction?

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