Addictive Personalities and Lortab Addiction Development

Addictive Personalities and Lortab Addiction DevelopmentIf you or someone in your family is using Lortab to control pain, you may have already learned a frightening fact about this drug: Many people who begin taking Lortab under a doctor’s supervision become addicted to it. You may not have learned what an important role individual personality can play in the development of a Lortab addiction.

The Addictive Personality

Research about the causes of addiction has shown links to some personality traits. These traits are known as addictive personality characteristics. An individual who possesses some of these traits may be described as having an addictive personality. Most psychologists do not consider addictive personality to be a psychological disorder, but these traits can play important roles in the development of addictions. While there are many risk factors for addiction to Lortab, addictive personality traits make the danger of addiction more likely. Becoming aware of how some personality traits associated with addiction can help you better understand the risks.

Impulse Control and Lortab Abuse

Unlike small children, adults learn to wait to get what they want. Whether the wait is for the day’s lunch break, a vacation or retirement, adults learn to work for what they want even when they can’t have it until later. This skill is needed to function in the adult world. Lortab, by contrast, provides its satisfying effect almost as soon as the pill is ingested. In this way the pleasures of Lortab can become more appealing than pleasures that require patience.

Sensitivity to Stress and Addiction Development

Stress comes to every life, but the ways people deal with that stress vary dramatically. Moderate exercise, reading, music and meditation are effective ways to reduce the physical and mental effects of stress. For someone who does not maintain any of these or other stress-reducing tactics, Lortab can provide an easy way to take away the physical and emotional effects of stress. Fulfilling this need for stress management with Lortab could be the beginning of an addiction.

Social Isolation and Lortab Abuse

Drug addiction can be the cause of social isolation or it can be the result. Strong social connections to friends and family provide us with feelings of acceptance and belonging. Someone without these connections is in danger of missing the feelings of safety and security they provide. Lortab can simulate the feelings that are missing from social interactions and become more important than real social interaction. This pattern can lead to even deeper isolation.

Addiction Help for Every Personality

There is help for Lortab addiction no matter your personal traits and personality. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so please call now to learn about the recovery resources that will meet your unique needs and match your individual preferences.