ADHD and Lortab Abuse

ADHD and Lortab AbuseLortab is most commonly known as a painkiller, as it contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen. However, as a stimulant it is also widely abused by those with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD. Those who suffer from undiagnosed or untreated ADHD find that this medication calms them down, allowing them to sleep or concentrate when they wish. Parents of hyperactive children frequently give their children Lortab to keep them quiet and manageable, as it is easier to appropriate one prescription rather than obtaining many costly ones. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix for ADHD; the temporary relief afforded by the misuse of Lortab is far outweighed by the detrimental consequences that will ensue.

Lortab Addiction and ADHD

As in any case of self-medication, one who uses Lortab to control ADHD is at great risk for addiction. As users develop a tolerance to the effects of Lortab, they must incrementally raise their dosage to continue feeling the same levels of relief. As the user’s body acclimates to Lortab, more of the drug is required to achieve the original potency of its calming effects. Without a doctor’s orders, someone is likely to abuse the drug until he feels better. This abuse can easily develop an addiction, especially if the user keeps his consumption of the drug a secret from those close to him, or if no one considers it an issue worthy of monitoring.

Once Lortab addiction develops, a user’s ADHD will slowly gain strength until she no longer finds relief from taking Lortab in dangerously high doses. Eventually, Lortab abuse will only worsen the mood swings and erratic behavior of severe ADHD. If the addiction has made it this far undetected and untreated, recovery help is absolutely critical for someone to recover. Heart attack and liver failure are highly possible if an addict accidentally overdoses on Lortab, so this is not an issue to trifle with. In recovery treatment, medical specialists will supervise a slow, steady removal of the drug, and they will also treat any physical complications that may have arisen from drug abuse. Additionally, therapists and psychiatrists will work closely to find a personalized treatment for ADHD that will keep patients drug free while rebuilding self-esteem and confidence.

Help for Lortab Addiction and ADHD

If you have become enslaved to Lortab addiction in your efforts to battle ADHD, you don’t have to fight alone. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to help you as soon as you call our toll-free helpline. We can provide you with more detailed information about treatment centers and hope for a drug-free future. Call us today for instant support.