Benefits of Addressing Lortab Addiction Problems Early

Benefits of Addressing Lortab Addiction Problems EarlyMost people first encounter Lortab, a powerful opiate painkiller, in the hospital. If an addiction develops, they may continue to seek the drug. Early treatment can help cut short a dangerous and painful addiction.

Do not wait for a “rock bottom” moment. The myth that an addict needs to lose everything before recovery can begin has no foundation in reality. The longer an addiction lasts, the more difficult it becomes to treat.

Prevention Is the Best Treatment

Since Lortab is a prescription pain medication, most people who become addicted to it encounter it for the first time when they are seeking relief. An addiction can be stopped before it even gets started by carefully following all of your doctor’s instructions and learning to recognize the early signs of addiction.

Tolerance and Withdrawal

If Lortab is used regularly, the body begins to develop a tolerance. The chemistry and the processes of the body change so that relatively normal functioning is maintained even when the chemicals from Lortab are present. Tolerance means that the mood-altering effects also diminish. To counteract tolerance, an addict must take larger and larger doses of Lortab in order to feel the same effects.

Users may experience withdrawal symptoms when quitting Lortab use. Withdrawal is the collection of painful symptoms an addict feels as the body adjusts to a drug’s absence. The more time tolerance has to develop, the worse the withdrawal can be. Early treatment will save the addict from experiencing additional pain.

Health Risks

As addiction progresses, long-term use of Lortab can begin to take a toll on the user’s health, resulting in the following side effects:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tooth loss and cavities
  • Respiratory infections
  • Loss of bone density
  • Loss of muscle mass

Treating Lortab addiction early can help prevent these problems.

Other Negative Effects

As with any prescription drug, the legitimate way to resupply is by filling a prescription written by your doctor. When an addict begins to need more of the drug than the prescription allows, he or she may turn to illegitimate means of obtaining the drug. These methods can include the following:

  • Lying about symptoms to get stronger prescriptions
  • Finding more doctors to get more prescriptions
  • Buying Lortab on the street illegally
  • Switching to street opiates like heroin
  • Stealing money to buy drugs

All of these steps help to escalate the addiction and increase the problem. Early treatment can help stop this escalation before it starts.

Get Help Now

If you or a loved one is addicted to Lortab, now is the time to tackle the problem. Learn more about early treatment by calling our 24 hour helpline. Make the toll-free call now.