Best Treatment Services for Lortab Addiction

Best treatment services for Lortab addictionPrescription opiate abuse has reached epidemic proportions in America—and Lortab is at the forefront of the epidemic as one of the most frequently prescribed opiate. Many of those who become addicted to Lortab initially had a justifiable medical reason to take the drug. But by the time the medical condition has healed, Lortab’s grip may be too strong to beat without substance abuse treatment.

Lortab Addiction Detox Help

Lortab addiction is best treated as all opiate addictions are: first in detox where you will undergo Lortab withdrawal treatment, followed by a comprehensive rehab program. For optimal results, the entire process should take place in a residential treatment center where the addict can be monitored by a staff of nurses and physicians trained specifically in detox medicine. Some opiate rehabs offer a medicated opiate detox, along with counseling to help you handle the cravings for the drug, beyond detox. Any quality detox program will include a personalized withdrawal and treatment plan to make ongoing sobriety possible.

The detox experience varies from patient to patient, depending on what type of opiate detox and rehab you choose. But the focus of all opiate detox options is to wean you off your drug of choice as quickly and with as few withdrawal symptoms as possible, while eliminating all traces of the drug from your system. Talk to your doctor about which detox approach is best for you.

Lortab Addiction Rehab Help

After detox, the best chance at long-term recovery begins when the recovering addict chooses rehab for Lortab addiction. These can include residential and outpatient approaches.

Since no two addicts are alike, it is essential to choose the course of treatment that meets the particular needs of the patient. But keep in mind that any comprehensive opiate treatment program will include the following:

  • A doctor’s exam and health evaluation
  • One-on-one counseling with a qualified, certified addiction therapist.
  • Medical support and monitoring

Ongoing medical support and monitoring for the duration of opiate treatment is an important part of any comprehensive program. Some rehab facilities offer a biophysical component, a more in-depth purification process to cleanse drug residues out of the fat tissue and bone marrow of the body. This 2-4 week process, while not essential, has been shown to decrease cravings, anxiety and depression after detox that often leads to relapse.

Lortab Holistic Rehab Options for Lortab Recovery

Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage and other natural treatments are often part of the holistic approach, and consistent exercise is encouraged to establish new life habits and achieve a healthier balance in the addict’s life. Holistic rehab works with addicts to address their bio-nutritional needs, something often overlooked in traditional rehabilitation. Nutritionists teach patients to make nutritional choices that are right for them individually, while boosting patients’ vitamin intake. This component of recovery sets the stage for success.

Whatever course of treatment you pursue, give yourself the best chance at long-term recovery by choosing a rehab program that treats every aspect of your addiction. Choose a program that offers consistent, supportive care to help you take control of your health—the first step back to emotional, mental, physical, and psychological wholeness, the first step back to life.

Need Help Finding Lortab Recovery Options?

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