Breaking the Cycle of Lortab Addiction

Breaking the cycle of lortab addictionLortab is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen that is commonly prescribed to treat pain. While it is effective at managing pain, it can also lead to a dangerous cycle of addiction that can be difficult to break. What may begin as legitimate medical need can transform into something all-consuming and beyond the person’s control. There are many factors that can contribute to Lortab addiction, so an intensive plan of rehab will be needed to undercover all aspects of a person’s life that may be causing or perpetuating the addiction. It is possible to break the cycle of Lortab addiction, but it will require help.

How Does a Person Get Caught in the Lortab Addiction Cycle?

Every person’s addiction is different as is the path that led to that addiction. Because Lortab is a legal prescription drug, its effects can be underestimated and its dangers unrecognized. A person may take doses that are larger or more frequent than prescribed and unintentionally develop a physical dependency. Lortab is also taken for the euphoric high it produces. This high can be a source of entertainment or a means of escape from life’s troubles. The drug becomes increasingly valuable to the person, because it makes him or her feel better. However in the process of attempting to feel good the person will also develop a tolerance to the drug and require increasing doses in order to achieve the original desired effects. Because of the ever increasing doses, a physical dependence will develop. At this point if the person wants to stop taking the drug, he or she will have trouble doing so because of painful withdrawal symptoms. Addiction and dependence are closely related, and the Lortab addiction cycle will soon begin.

How Does Someone Recover from Lortab Addiction?

The cycle of Lortab addiction is difficult to break. Addiction is comparable to a chronic disease that must be treated by professionals. Intensive individualized rehab treatment will be needed for the individual to break free of the addiction cycle. Elements such as counseling, therapy, detox services and support group attendance should be combined to target not only the physical addiction but also any aspect of a person’s life that might be contributing to the addiction. There are almost always root issues that will need to be uncovered and dealt with order for the person to be able to remain clean from Lortab long-term. It is also common for users to be suffering from a co-occurring mental health issue such as depression or bi-polar disorder. Co-occurring disorders will require integrated or Dual Diagnosis treatment. It will not be possible for the person to recover completely if both issues are not dealt with simultaneously through an integrated treatment plan. It is possible to have a healthy and happy life after Lortab addiction, but it will require professional help and treatment.

Do You Need Lortab Addiction Help?

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