Can a Healthy Diet Help Your Recovery from Lortab Addiction?

Can a Healthy Diet Help Your Recovery from Lortab Addiction?

Healthy diet and proper nutrition can play a significant role in Lortab addiction recovery

Healthy diet and proper nutrition can play a significant role in Lortab addiction recovery. Addiction to Lortab takes a heavy toll on a person’s body, often leaving it malnourished and generally unhealthy. Renewing physical health is an essential way to promote long-term recovery because a healthier body is better equipped to deal with triggers and cravings. A stronger and healthier body is such a vital part of recovery that the majority of professional rehab centers are implementing nutritional counseling programs into overall treatment. Working with a nutritionist can help in determining a customized plan to healing the damaged areas of the body and regaining overall physical health. Some important ways to start implementing healthy eating practices that can help in recovering from Lortab addiction include the following:

  • Reduce sugar intake – Sugar can cause severe mood fluctuations that can make it difficult for a recovering Lortab addict to make healthy choices.
  • Avoid caffeine – Caffeine is another cause of mood fluctuations that can make it more difficult for recovering Lortab addicts to overcome cravings for Lortab.
  • Increase protein consumption – Protein is essential for healthy brain activity that was likely damaged over the course of the addiction. However, many addicts have damaged livers, which can make it difficult to digest protein rich red meat. Fish and poultry are great sources of protein that are naturally much easier to digest.
  • Eat more fiber – Lortab addiction can damage a person’s digestive system. Fiber found in whole grains and legumes is a great way to repair digestive damage and regain overall health.
  • Get more antioxidants – A damaged immune system caused by Lortab addiction leaves a recovering addict vulnerable to numerous types of diseases and viruses. Eating antioxidant rich foods like fruits and vegetables is essential to repairing a damaged immune system and protecting yourself against harmful viruses.

Proper dieting and nutrition is severely neglected during an addiction to Lortab leaving addicts with numerous disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, inability to properly digest certain foods, and a poor appetite. Eating healthier, nutrient rich foods is critical to repairing damaged organs as well as allowing nervous systems and gastrointestinal systems to start functioning properly once again. An unhealthy diet during addiction recovery will cause mood swings and can trigger cravings. Constant mood swings put recovering addicts at a greater risk for relapse, which can lead to many more health consequences. The foods that people eat can greatly impact how they will think, feel and act. A healthy, balanced diet will better equip recovering addicts to overcome drug cravings and repair their damaged systems.

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