Can a Physically Demanding Job Lead to Lortab Use?

Can a Physically Demanding Job Lead to Lortab Use?Many jobs are physically demanding – even those that require an individual to sit at a computer desk all day. No matter what field an individual is in, he may find himself experiencing physical pain as a result of his job, which can be both physically and psychologically upsetting. In many cases, however, these individuals turn to the use of Lortab, a painkiller, to alleviate their pain quickly and easily. Unfortunately, using Lortab for pain caused by a job can lead to abuse and addiction.

How Physically Demanding Jobs Lead to Lortab Use

Some of the most common physically demanding jobs, such as construction, landscaping, nursing, waitressing and more can all contribute to the development of a Lortab abuse problem. Some of the many reasons this can happen include the following:

  • Pain – Whether it is caused by having to be on their feet all day or having to sit in a chair for an entire shift, individuals who have physically demanding jobs can quickly begin experiencing body aches and pains. These pains can become so uncomfortable that individuals start using Lortab to take the edge off, but instead, might find themselves abusing it instead.
  • Emotional upset – Being in physical pain can cause a great deal of emotional upset. Whether it is being upset, frustrated, agitated or irritated, experiencing physical pain can cause mood swings as well as an overall feeling of anger. When this anger comes to a head, an individual is likely to become impulsive and use Lorcet regardless of the possible consequences.

In addition to physical and emotional pain, individuals who have physically demanding jobs might also start using because their co-workers are using, too.

Coping with a Physically Demanding Job

There are many other ways to cope with a physically demanding job that are much healthier than abusing Lortab. For example, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy can help alleviate physical pain. In addition, attending psychotherapy sessions can also help build skills that can prevent Lortab abuse from occurring, such as stress management. By obtaining the proper care when participating in a physically demanding job, individuals can avoid using Lorcet for a quick fix and instead learn how to safely cope with their work-related issues.

Do You Need Treatment for Lortab Abuse?

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