Can My Brain Heal after Lortab Use?

Can My Brain Heal after Lortab Use?Lortab is a variant of hydrocodone, similar to Vicodin. If taken in accordance with the directions of one’s prescribing physician, there should be no permanent ill effects. However, if one has been using this drug illicitly for a period of time long enough to develop an addiction, he will have neural damage that will require medical supervision and patience to sort out.

How Lortab Works

Lortab is an extremely powerful opioid. It affects the brain by connecting with the brain’s pain receptors to dull pain and replaces it with calm bliss. However, this artificial treatment only works for so long before it dulls the receptors’ response to it, requiring greater doses to achieve the original level of pain relief (or, in the case of Lortab abuse, the original relaxation and euphoria that the addict is seeking).

Repairing the Damage That Lortab Abuse Causes

The brain can heal under the care of professional detox experts. The new neural pathways carved out by Lortab abuse will never go away completely, but their influence can be numbed and successfully resisted with therapy. The longer a patient stays sober, the healthier his brain will be, and the less chance he has of being hit by a craving. As powerful as psychological dependence is — especially when supplemented by physical dependence — it can be broken and stay broken with disciplined habits and the support of dedicated family and friends. A caring community can have as much of a restorative effect as clinical therapies and be just as powerful as the feelings of loneliness that may have first provoked one’s Lortab abuse.

Where to Turn for Lortab Abuse Recovery

If you or your loved one is trapped by Lortab abuse and you fear the permanence of its effects, please call our toll-free helpline. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to direct you to resources specific to your situation. Help is waiting, so call us today.