Many people are surprised that ADHD medicine is abused at all. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what the medication is and how it impacts a person who is not suffering from ADHD. An ADHD medication is a stimulant. For a person properly diagnosed with ADHD, these stimulants provide the brain an ability to slow […]

Treating addiction effectively requires numerous aspects of the addict’s personal and family life to come to light. It can sometimes be confusing to recovering addicts why a professional therapist needs to know about the ins and outs of their family life. The family history, genetics, current family dynamics and living situation all play a significant […]

Depending upon the specifics of the drug offense, the quantity of drugs in question and where you are when the police catch you, what happens to you next could be very different. Of course, none of the options are excellent. Regardless of the specifics, any felony will likely have a dramatic impact on your future. […]

A Dual Diagnosis can refer to any co-occurring disorders such as addiction to drugs and alcohol along with a mental health disorder. A person can become addicted to depression meds and still struggle with depression. When both depression and an addiction to depression meds are present it can be considered a Dual Diagnosis, which merits […]

An addiction intervention may seem like a one size fits all method for getting struggling addicts to accept professional treatment for their substance abuse. However, there are different addiction intervention models that utilize different methods for conducting the intervention as well as for deciding who to involve and who not to involve in the process. […]

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to employees of many US companies to address different workplace and personal issues. Some of the most common ways an EAP helps employees is by providing counseling for various emotional or psychological needs. Furthermore, someone who struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism can also receive help through an […]

Breaking free of an addiction is never easy. But you can find freedom and live a clean life, if you take recovery seriously and get the right treatment and help along the way. How to Start the Process of Addiction Recovery If you or a loved one is addicted to a drug like Lortab, taking […]

Mothers of addicts often feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. They fear they are losing their children, but do not know what to do or say. Being the mother of a Lortab addict may seem hopeless, but you can bring your child closer to health and recovery if you take action now. Move Past the Stigma […]

Lortab creates both physical and psychological dependency for the addict. Understanding the impact psychological dependence has upon an individual is vital to knowing how to combat it and seek recovery. However, many of the symptoms of psychological dependence on Lortab, including the following, prevent an individual from starting recovery. Low Self-Esteem One common psychological side […]

Lortab is a narcotic painkiller that combines hydrocodone with acetaminophen, and it works by changing the way the brain perceives pain. The hydrocodone causes feelings of euphoria, and it is highly addictive; at the same time, acetaminophen increases the effectiveness of hydrocodone. Lortab has a variety of life-altering side effects—most notably, that the drug is […]