Life in recovery from drugs or alcohol can often seem more bad than good. You may have gotten clean from Lortab addiction but are now often left feeling empty and pessimistic about your future without drugs. However, learning how to find the positive things in life and effectively cope with the negative things is a […]

A Dual Diagnosis can refer to any co-occurring disorders such as addiction to drugs and alcohol along with a mental health disorder. A person can become addicted to depression meds and still struggle with depression. When both depression and an addiction to depression meds are present it can be considered a Dual Diagnosis, which merits […]

Expectations are a powerful thing in life, and this is never truer than in the context of rehab and recovery. When you are in the midst of rebuilding your life upon a sober foundation, the process is tenuous at best. Emotions are often on high alert, and additional failures or unmet expectations can be the […]

In order to have a successful long term recovery, it is vital that you understand how to motivate yourself. This is in large part a matter of trial and error, but applying certain concepts and activities to your self discovery process will allow you to gain a greater awareness of what is motivating for you […]

Hypomanic episodes may seem to be helpful, because you experience a season of extreme creativity and productivity. But there are great risks to hypomania that must be understood. In order to grasp the importance of these risks, an introductory explanation of hypomania is needed. Hypomanic Episodes Explained According to the Harvard Mental Health Letter, “Hypomania […]

Hypomania is the milder form of mania, typically part of bipolar II disorder and characterized by a persistent elevated mood. A hypomanic episode lasts for at least four days and is noticeably different than the person’s depressed or even normal mood. During a hypomanic episode a person will likely experience euphoria, increased activity and loss […]

Coping mechanisms are skills people use to deal with the various stressors in life. For recovering alcohol and drug addicts, substance abuse was a way of coping with different problems in life. In other words, there are unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, and healthy ones, such as exercise. Everyone uses coping mechanisms to […]

Lortab addicts commonly deny their struggles with drug abuse. They are often caught up in lies, deceit, justification and avoidance that blinds them to how dependency damages their lives and others. Emerging from the fog of denial into the reality of addiction can be difficult, and it often takes considerable time, but you can come […]

One of the most consistent psychological effects of Lortab addiction is that the addict finds it difficult to imagine life without the drug. As is the case with all opiates, Lortab creates a strong psychological dependence that chemically changes the function of the brain. Even as use of the drug makes the addict’s life increasingly […]

Many drug or alcohol addictions begin as a coping mechanism for stress, but there are safer and more effective ways to manage stress. This article discusses alternative ways to manage stress without turning to addictive substances like Lortab. The common element with each of these approaches to stress management is that you are choosing to […]