Treating addiction effectively requires numerous aspects of the addict’s personal and family life to come to light. It can sometimes be confusing to recovering addicts why a professional therapist needs to know about the ins and outs of their family life. The family history, genetics, current family dynamics and living situation all play a significant […]

Anyone who is walking the road to sobriety will tell you that there are hundreds of little lessons to learn. Some lessons are applicable to everyone equally, like you will struggle if you continue to stay around friends who abuse substances. Other lessons are personal, like you should walk down Third Avenue instead of Seventh […]

When people think about “journaling,” they may think of writing down the events that happened during the day. While journaling can be that act alone, it can also be much more, and much more beneficial. If people who are recovering from addiction or mental health problems keep daily journals, then they can express themselves and […]

Living life in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction comes with many benefits beyond the obvious benefit of no longer being trapped in a world of substance abuse. A recovery lifestyle is not always the easiest to maintain, as reminders, cravings and triggers to use again will come and go. However, the immediate and long-term […]

Everyone thinks that they understand the benefits of leading a sober life. They believe that, if you break free of the prison of addiction, then you get to make your own choices, you do not have to worry about your drug or alcohol addiction wrecking your career and your friends and loved ones can begin […]

Most rehabilitation centers and programs have an alumni program, in order to continue to provide support for those who have graduated from the rehab program. There are a number of reasons that participation in the alumni program can be a valuable part of your life going forward. An Alumni Program Anchors Your Soul in Gratitude […]

Receiving professional treatment for drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is not free and is often not cheap either. In many cases the cost of rehab or other treatment services can deter addicts from reaching out and getting the help they need. However, the cost of sustaining a drug abuse habit along with the impending […]

An addiction intervention may seem like a one size fits all method for getting struggling addicts to accept professional treatment for their substance abuse. However, there are different addiction intervention models that utilize different methods for conducting the intervention as well as for deciding who to involve and who not to involve in the process. […]

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy practiced by a professional therapist to help people overcome the emotional distress associated with trauma. In most cases, EMDR is used for people who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but it can also address the issues that underpin other anxiety problems. People who […]

Coming to grips with the fact you have an addiction is a sobering moment, and can leave you feeling helpless. Some part of this is an emotional response to bad information. Many people incorrectly believe that an addiction is the result of a weak will, but this is simply not true. An addiction is a […]