It is never easy to discuss an addiction with anyone, but there are particular challenges when addressing this topic with teenagers. Discovering one of your children has a drug or alcohol addiction can be emotionally overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that you are not a failure as a parent because your […]

Mothers of addicts often feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. They fear they are losing their children, but do not know what to do or say. Being the mother of a Lortab addict may seem hopeless, but you can bring your child closer to health and recovery if you take action now. Move Past the Stigma […]

It can be difficult to know the best ways to support a loved one as he or she recovers from substance abuse and addiction. Those who have suffered from Lortab abuse often find that recovery is a very distressing time, and they often need as much support from friends as possible. The following are four […]

Being a victim of bullying can cause many mental and emotional problems that people may treat with Lortab abuse. Seek professional help to address the effects of bullying and any resulting drug addiction. What Is Bullying? The majority of bullying happens between grades eight and ten, but it often affects adolescents in all grades. People […]

Lortab abuse can destroy your relationship with your boyfriend, but even worse it can destroy your boyfriend’s life. If your boyfriend abuses Lortab and you are unsure how to get him to stop, you should find the proper resources to help him. Lortab abuse is a serious problem that can lead to addiction and overdose, […]

It is very difficult for mothers to watch their children struggle with Lortab abuse. In some ways it may be more challenging when addicted offspring are adults because parents may feel that their options for helping are more limited. No matter the age or circumstances, however, there are always ways to make a positive difference […]

Hydrocodone is an opiate and the addictive ingredient in Lortab. Though doctors prescribe Lortab to treat pain, people can easily develop an addiction and dependence. As the body develops a tolerance to the drug, it needs progressively more Lortab to feel the same relief. The problem is that escalated use causes severe side effects and […]

Most people first encounter Lortab, a powerful opiate painkiller, in the hospital. If an addiction develops, they may continue to seek the drug. Early treatment can help cut short a dangerous and painful addiction. Do not wait for a “rock bottom” moment. The myth that an addict needs to lose everything before recovery can begin […]

Lortab is a habit-forming pain reliever used to treat pain from injury, surgery or to manage a chronic pain condition. It is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone and belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid pain relievers. Lortab works in the brain by changing the way the body perceives pain. A person […]

When a friend or family member exhibits the signs of Lortab addiction, you may find yourself dreading the idea of confronting the subject, yet caring about your loved one too much to stay silent. Communicating with an addict is a delicate process. Addiction changes the way the brain works, and often an addict’s behavior and […]