Coming to grips with the fact you have an addiction is a sobering moment, and can leave you feeling helpless. Some part of this is an emotional response to bad information. Many people incorrectly believe that an addiction is the result of a weak will, but this is simply not true. An addiction is a […]

Expectations are a powerful thing in life, and this is never truer than in the context of rehab and recovery. When you are in the midst of rebuilding your life upon a sober foundation, the process is tenuous at best. Emotions are often on high alert, and additional failures or unmet expectations can be the […]

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to employees of many US companies to address different workplace and personal issues. Some of the most common ways an EAP helps employees is by providing counseling for various emotional or psychological needs. Furthermore, someone who struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism can also receive help through an […]

The topics of drug and alcohol addiction have been circulating with much controversy for many years. People continue to have different points of view on what addiction is and how it starts, but the government and the professional medical community agree on what addiction actually is, a treatable brain condition characterized by persistent drug abuse […]

If you are pregnant, there is really no reason or excuse for you to continue taking illicit or prescription drugs like lorcet. You are putting yourself and your baby at risk, not to mention the potential jail time. The Threat of Jail Depending upon where you live, having a drug addiction while being pregnant can […]

Coping mechanisms are skills people use to deal with the various stressors in life. For recovering alcohol and drug addicts, substance abuse was a way of coping with different problems in life. In other words, there are unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, and healthy ones, such as exercise. Everyone uses coping mechanisms to […]

Lortab addicts commonly deny their struggles with drug abuse. They are often caught up in lies, deceit, justification and avoidance that blinds them to how dependency damages their lives and others. Emerging from the fog of denial into the reality of addiction can be difficult, and it often takes considerable time, but you can come […]

One of the most consistent psychological effects of Lortab addiction is that the addict finds it difficult to imagine life without the drug. As is the case with all opiates, Lortab creates a strong psychological dependence that chemically changes the function of the brain. Even as use of the drug makes the addict’s life increasingly […]

Breaking free of an addiction is never easy. But you can find freedom and live a clean life, if you take recovery seriously and get the right treatment and help along the way. How to Start the Process of Addiction Recovery If you or a loved one is addicted to a drug like Lortab, taking […]

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings, which is the case with Lortab abuse: to hold down a stable recovery, users must fill the void of time left by drug abuse with more engaging and productive habits. What Is Lortab? Lortab is the brand name for a semi-synthetic opioid known as hydrocodone that is mixed with […]