Anyone who is walking the road to sobriety will tell you that there are hundreds of little lessons to learn. Some lessons are applicable to everyone equally, like you will struggle if you continue to stay around friends who abuse substances. Other lessons are personal, like you should walk down Third Avenue instead of Seventh […]

When people think about “journaling,” they may think of writing down the events that happened during the day. While journaling can be that act alone, it can also be much more, and much more beneficial. If people who are recovering from addiction or mental health problems keep daily journals, then they can express themselves and […]

Living life in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction comes with many benefits beyond the obvious benefit of no longer being trapped in a world of substance abuse. A recovery lifestyle is not always the easiest to maintain, as reminders, cravings and triggers to use again will come and go. However, the immediate and long-term […]

Everyone thinks that they understand the benefits of leading a sober life. They believe that, if you break free of the prison of addiction, then you get to make your own choices, you do not have to worry about your drug or alcohol addiction wrecking your career and your friends and loved ones can begin […]

Most rehabilitation centers and programs have an alumni program, in order to continue to provide support for those who have graduated from the rehab program. There are a number of reasons that participation in the alumni program can be a valuable part of your life going forward. An Alumni Program Anchors Your Soul in Gratitude […]

Staying sober is not as simple as white-knuckling it through life. It’s not about constantly saying no to drugs and alcohol. It’s not even ultimately about how accountable you make yourself to others. The secret to long-term recovery is actually building a healthy new life—one that involves fun and challenging experiences, invigorating physical activities, meaningful […]

Drug and alcohol addictions often work in the same way for different people leaving many recovering addicts with similar stories to share. Each person is unique and their experiences with past drug and alcohol abuse or addiction are unique also. However, the unique stories that recovering addicts have typically share similar key elements and patterns. […]

A recovering addict can be well into recovery and have many successful years of sobriety under the belt, but he is in just as much danger of relapse as someone who is brand new to recovery. Relapse can be triggered by a myriad of situations, from simply walking by a familiar place where you once […]

Having multiple avenues of support after completing a drug treatment program is essential to recovery and relapse prevention. However, relapse can unfortunately be a common part of an addict’s overall recovery. Relapse does not have to happen to every recovering addict, but because addiction is a disease it can often come back despite the addict’s […]

Mindfulness can be described as “paying attention.” Practicing the discipline of mindfulness means that you deliberately focus on the present moment. You step back to look at what is going on in your mind and emotions rather that impulsively reacting to outside stimuli. Mindfulness is made up of three elements: Awareness — becoming aware of […]