Being a victim of bullying can cause many mental and emotional problems that people may treat with Lortab abuse. Seek professional help to address the effects of bullying and any resulting drug addiction. What Is Bullying? The majority of bullying happens between grades eight and ten, but it often affects adolescents in all grades. People […]

The compulsion to use drugs often comes from a combination of many factors. Though genetic predisposition might be a factor in drug use, it is most often brought on by other factors. Often, social situations play a large part in a person’s drug use. Lortab is one of many drugs that might be used in […]

Having a job gives many people a sense of fulfillment and the means to meet life’s needs. But, many jobs cause so much stress that people develop psychological and physical problems as a result. To feel better, people may begin abusing an opiate painkiller like Lortab, but this is a dangerous practice that requires medical […]

Individuals who have plastic surgery may be prescribed medications before and after surgery is completed. Due to the pain caused by surgery, many doctors prescribe pain medications. These medications can be extremely addictive. Plastic Surgery and Addiction Surgery can cause stress and other strong emotions. The following are examples of how plastic surgery and addiction […]

Whether you want to believe it or not, many of the decisions that you make in your life are influenced by a number of different people and things, such as friends, family, and media. When it comes to drug abuse, you (and the rest of the country) are influenced by what you see on TV, […]

Many factors are at play when a person begins using a drug. The cost and availability of a drug can make it difficult to say no if the drug is widely available. Lortab and other prescription painkillers are very easy to obtain, which contributes to the problems users have with Lortab addiction. Because Lortab is […]

Negative life experiences can occur at any stage in life. You may experience the loss of a beloved pet as a child, a tumultuous home life because of a divorce during your teen years and the inability to find a job and pay off your exorbitant student loans as a young adult. As an adult, […]

Using Lortab affects your body in more ways than you may think. Lortab abuse affects your body’s chemistry, which can have deeper effects than simply changing the way you behave or experience pain. This drug abuse can affect the way you think and feel, because it changes the chemistry of your brain and can cause […]

Lortab is an opiate-based painkiller that can be extremely addictive. Because of its addictive nature, many questions surround what makes a Lortab addict. However, doctors generally agree that addiction is caused by both natural, genetic factors and environmental causes. Genetic Factors of Lortab Addiction When we ask the question, nature vs. nurture, we are really […]

Lortab is a popular prescription medication that treats pain with hydrocodone, a narcotic compound derived from the same opium poppy as heroin. While the drug has effectively helped millions of patients deal with pain, Lortab has a high rate of accidental dependence. This occurs when the body develops a tolerance to the drug and demands […]