Depending upon the specifics of the drug offense, the quantity of drugs in question and where you are when the police catch you, what happens to you next could be very different. Of course, none of the options are excellent. Regardless of the specifics, any felony will likely have a dramatic impact on your future. […]

Lortab is a narcotic pain reliever consisting of two pain medications, hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The hydrocodone is an opioid used to alleviate moderate-to-severe pain, and acetaminophen is an over-the-counter pain reliever, which has stronger effects when added to hydrocodone. Lortab stimulates the pleasure center of the brain to cause euphoria, so an individual using the […]

We all have different life goals, yet drug abuse and addiction will stop anyone from reaching his or her potential. Some of us want to become doctors, construction workers, artists or teachers. Some want to start families right away, some want to pursue careers first and others would rather travel. There are no wrong goals, […]

Addiction is an expensive disease. Many people become overwhelmed with the costs of addiction to their finances, health and relationships. Lortab, an opioid painkiller, is addictive both to people that use it for medical reasons and to those that abuse it for recreational purposes. Lortab addiction and abuse can cause incredible financial issues, but people […]

Lortab is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone and is used to treat pain after surgery or injury or as the result of a chronic condition. Hydrocodone is an opioid that changes the way the brain perceives pain. The acetaminophen in the drug increases the effects of the hydrocodone. Lortab is highly habit forming. Using […]

When one drug is not producing strong enough effects for a drug abuser, they are often tempted to begin mixing the drug with others. Doing so may certainly boost the effects of each drug, but it can also increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects that can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Lortab, in particular, […]

Lortab is a brand name of a prescription pain reliever given to users to treat mild to moderate pain. Like every drug, Lortab comes with its own set of side effects. Some side effects such as drowsiness and itchiness might be expected, but users may also experience side effects that are unexpected. Unexpected side effects […]

Addiction to Lortab or any other addictive substance can influence children in many different ways. Parental addiction to Lortab can have numerous and severe negative effects on children of all ages. When a parent is addicted to Lortab, it can lead drug-exposed children to develop numerous behavioral problems due to a lack of bonding with […]

Lortab is a narcotic painkiller that contains synthetic opium, so it affects dopamine levels in the brain to change how the central nervous system reacts to pain. Although it can be a lifesaver for people who need pain management, it can turn into a deadly trap for people who are vulnerable to addiction. In fact, […]

Individuals who have plastic surgery may be prescribed medications before and after surgery is completed. Due to the pain caused by surgery, many doctors prescribe pain medications. These medications can be extremely addictive. Plastic Surgery and Addiction Surgery can cause stress and other strong emotions. The following are examples of how plastic surgery and addiction […]