Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of Lortab

Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of LortabIf you buy Lortab off the street or from a drug dealer, you can’t be sure what you’re putting in your body. Any time you ingest something unknown, you don’t know where it came from or what the ingredients are. Unless you have a valid prescription for Lortab, you could be putting poisonous substances into your body, or you may receive a pill with no active ingredient at all. The effects of taking a counterfeit or street version of Lortab vary, but if you are considering using Lortab you get from a drug dealer, you should instead think about getting help to stop putting yourself at risk.

Counterfeit Lortab Could Be Deadly

Buying Lortab from a source other than a pharmacy can be dangerous no matter how well you know the person you get it from. You never know who they got the Lortab from, or if the drug is actually Lortab. The Lortab you receive from a pharmacy is required to meet health and content standards, but on the black market there is no quality control, and drug dealers are often more concerned with profits than keeping users safe. With no way of telling what is in the pill you receive, you are gambling and hoping nothing is wrong with the drug. Many drug dealers give cheap substitutes for drugs instead of the actual drug, and users can have severe reactions to the substitutes. The only way to avoid situations like this is to stop abusing Lortab.

Avoiding Counterfeit Lortab

You can only receive so many prescriptions for Lortab before doctors get suspicious, and many times that is when users turn to drug dealers to get their fix. It is easy to become addicted to Lortab, and once you are addicted you need professional help to get off Lortab. If you abuse Lortab or think you may have a Lortab addiction, you should get help today so that you don’t have to risk the frightening consequences of using counterfeit Lortab.

Stay Safe and Stop Using Lortab

Our toll-free helpline is here to help you find effective Lortab recovery options and end Lortab use. Let us make finding Lortab addiction treatment as easy as possible. Our addiction experts are here for you 24 hours a day to talk to you about any concerns you have about Lortab addiction or addiction treatment. Give us a call, and let us help you today.