Dangers of Maintaining a Lortab Addiction

Dangers of Maintaining a Lortab AddictionLortab contains a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is in a class of drugs known as narcotic pain relievers. Hydrocodone changes the way the body and brain perceive pain, and acetaminophen increases the effectiveness of the hydrocodone. Lortab is highly habit forming, and taking the drug for long periods of time or in larger amounts that prescribed can lead to addiction. Those who have developed a dependence on Lortab experience withdrawal symptoms when drug use is stopped. Dependence on Lortab can develop after just a few doses of the drug, so it is important to use the medication only as prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect someone you love is struggling with a Lortab addiction, get into treatment right away. Treating a Lortab addiction in the early stages can increase the chances of treatment success and a life free from drug addiction.

Early Intervention for Lortab Addiction

Early intervention is important for the success of long-term Lortab recovery. Dependence and tolerance can develop quickly. Because the body needs more of the drug to achieve the same results, addiction can happen soon after any level of dependence develops.

If an individual can get help for Lortab addiction before he or she completely loses control of every aspect of life, there is a great chance of success with rehab. Lortab intervention can be done with the help of a trained interventionist or by close family and friends confronting their loved one about the Lortab abuse. Getting into a treatment program that provides medically supervised detox, co-occurring issue diagnosis and treatment of any underlying concerns is the best way to deal with Lortab addiction.

The Effects of Long-Term Lortab Addiction

Getting help early can prevent a lifetime of drug abuse and stop the impact Lortab addiction has on users, friends and family. There are many health risks related to Lortab. Lortab users quickly develop a tolerance for the drug and need more of the substance to relieve pain or experience feelings of euphoria. Acetaminophen in large doses can cause liver damage, and users take increasingly large amounts of this drug, as they increase their Lortab use. Lortab can also cause nausea, constipation, permanent hearing loss and an increased risk of lung infections. Lortab can decrease hormone levels resulting in weight gain, irregular periods in women, loss of bone mass and increased risk of depression.

Find Help for Lortab Addiction

Early intervention for Lortab abuse can break the cycle of addiction before a person’s life gets out of control. The right help can increase the chances of a life free from Lortab. If you or a loved one struggles with Lortab addiction, we are here to help. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and provide you with information about available treatment options. Call our toll-free number now.