Do Good People Get Addicted to Lortab?

Do Good People Get Addicted to Lortab?The numerous stigmas and stereotypes surrounding drug addiction often prevent good people from seeking and receiving the treatment necessary to recover. People may think drug addicts are poor, uneducated, or of low moral character, which is often not the case. Drug and alcohol addiction is a common experience that many people struggle with from all walks of life. Addicts often have normal jobs, hobbies, families, and friends. Addiction to Lortab in particular often begins as legal prescription use to manage moderate to severe chronic pain. Overtime the person trying to manage pain can develop a tolerance to Lortab and become dependent and addicted. Negative stereotypes can cause people to avoid seeking treatment for fear of what others may think of them. However, anyone can become addicted to Lortab or other substances.

Stereotypes about Lortab Addiction

People who struggle with addiction to Lortab may be subjected to negative stereotypes, which are often not accurate. Common stereotypes about addicts can include the following:

  • Lortab addiction is a result of weak morals – Addiction is an uncontrollable disease that can be caused by many different factors. In most cases people do not become addicted to Lortab because they have weak morals. Addiction can be caused by mental illness, physical disability, and even genetic predisposition. People with a family history of addiction or mental illnesses are at a greater risk of developing an addiction.
  • Drug abuse and addiction is a personal choice – The initial use or abuse of Lortab or other substances can be a choice, but addiction itself is an uncontrollable disease. Once addiction to Lortab develops it can be impossible to overcome through willpower or choice. It often takes professional treatment to fully recover.
  • Addicts are criminals – Addiction is a medical condition that requires professional treatment. Drug abuse and addiction may lead some to engage in criminal activities but addiction in and of itself is not a crime. The majority of struggling Lortab addicts are not criminals.

Addiction to Lortab or other substances can affect anyone regardless of social status, race, gender, age or financial stability. Professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility can offer Lortab addicts the best chance of a successful recovery. With professional rehab and ongoing aftercare support anyone can recover from addiction.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Lortab Addiction?

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