Finding Enjoyment in Life Without Lortab

Finding Enjoyment in Life Without LortabOne of the most consistent psychological effects of Lortab addiction is that the addict finds it difficult to imagine life without the drug. As is the case with all opiates, Lortab creates a strong psychological dependence that chemically changes the function of the brain. Even as use of the drug makes the addict’s life increasingly miserable, the thought of going without it is simply unimaginable. The onset of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms creates such fear, pain and anxiety that any positive feelings are simply overwhelmed. It is not that the addict doesn’t want to live without the drug, it’s that he is chemically unable to imagine life without it.

The Psychological Power of Lortab Dependence

Lortab is the brand name of a popular prescription painkiller that is comprised of the narcotic drug hydrocodone and the over-the-counter painkiller, acetaminophen (Tylenol.) It is essentially a chemical cousin of more infamous drugs such as heroin and codeine and is similarly addictive. It replaces naturally occurring pain-management substances in the brain, which makes the user physically dependent on it. Once a person becomes addicted he or she will need a regular dose of the drug in order to fend off the following physical withdrawal symptoms:

  • Tremors
  • Intense pain
  • Fever
  • Nausea and other flu-like symptoms
  • Sleep disorders
  • Intense panic, anxiety or depression

But as terrible as the physical symptoms of Lortab addiction are, the psychological aspects of the disease are even more difficult to overcome. That is because the high that Lortab offers directly impacts the same part of the prefrontal cortex of the brain that manages the following psychological functions:

  • Emotion management
  • Impulse control
  • Memory formation
  • Appetite
  • Sleep

Individuals experiencing any kind of underlying psychological distress, including depression, anxiety or personality disorders, will experience short-term relief of those symptoms along with relief of the physical pain for which they are being medicated. The brain will then use every psychological function to keep that relief coming. This entire process is much more powerful than conscious thought. Even when a person desperately wants to stop using the drug he will be unable to until and unless he receives comprehensive rehabilitation.

Successfully Overcoming Lortab Addiction

In order for a person to overcome Lortab addiction she must receive both physical and psychological treatment. The physical aspects of the addiction can be carefully relieved through the administration of various medications during medically supervised detox. The psychological effects, however, can take months, or even years, to successfully beat. Lortab causes chemical changes to the neurological function of the brain. Neural pathways, which are essentially behavioral shortcuts that the brain uses to drive behavior, are established to drive the use of the drug. Once a Lortab dependence is established, the addict will need to re-program his brain to its pre-addiction functioning in order to successfully stop using the drug. This can only happen if the addict develops new ways of coping with physical and emotional pain through counseling, education, skill coaching and spiritual care.

Building A Happy Life After Lortab Addiction

The relief Lortab offers is short-lived and shallow. The underlying problems are quick to return. It might seem that you need Lortab in order to survive, but the truth is that this drug is slowly stealing from you everything that makes life worth living:

  • Relationships will suffer
  • Previously important hobbies and passions are neglected
  • Legal and financial problems become inevitable
  • Physical health deteriorates rapidly
  • Self-esteem and a drive to succeed in life is muted

Despite mounting negative consequences such as these, the addict continues to use the drug. Lortab can even prevent you from imagining an enjoyable sober life. The truth is, however, that a Lortab-free life is possible and could be better than you might be able to visualize. Relationships can be mended. Health can be restored. Careers, education and passions can be revitalized and re-energized.

Successfully living without Lortab is not about denying yourself pleasure or relief. It is not about surviving cravings or white-knuckling it through life. The key to long-term Lortab recovery is to develop new, healthy ways to enjoy life. Millions of recovering Lortab addicts engage in the following exciting and affirming ways:

  • Creative arts
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Ongoing education
  • New skill development
  • Travel
  • Helping others

Recovering addicts benefit from regular community gatherings with others on the road to freedom from Lortab. Building friendships with others who have experienced the same struggles will help you remain accountable to others, excited about your future and enjoying life within healthy boundaries.

24-Hour Lortab Helpline

If you would like more information about Lortab recovery and what a sober life looks like, please call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night. We can connect you with the most successful recovery programs and the best aftercare support systems. Even if you can’t imagine enjoying life without drugs, we can help. The call is free and there are absolutely no strings attached. You have nothing to lose but your life-threatening dependence on Lortab. Call now and let us help you take the first steps toward an exciting and peaceful life without Lortab.