Harms of Recreational Lortab Abuse

Harms of recreational lortab abuseLortab is a painkiller made from a combination of acetaminophen, an anti-inflammatory, and hydrocodone, a narcotic pain-reliever. Hydrocodone is physically and psychologically addictive, so Lortab users may develop an addiction, especially if they misuse the medication or use it for a prolonged period of time.

Questions to Ask a Lortab Addict

Many drug abusers are prone to rationalize their behavior and find comfort in delusions, such as the idea that drug abuse is not harmful, if not practiced regularly. If you or someone you love is thinking in this manner, it is important to address the following questions that can reveal an addiction:

  • Why do you abuse drugs? Is it because you want to have fun or because of pressure from friends or other people you know? Are there any other possible factors that cause you to abuse drugs?
  • Do you abuse drugs to help yourself cope with another issue? For example, do you self medicate an inward struggle like anxiety or depression?
  • Do you realize that others are impacted and hurt because of your substance abuse?

After taking some time to answer these questions honestly, a Lortab addict may feel differently about treatment and be more willing to seek help.

What Are the Effects of Lortab Abuse?

Lortab abuse has many negative effects on users including the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Mental fogginess
  • Altered perceptions of pain
  • Blocked inhibitions
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Stomach, intestine, blood vessel and bladder damage

An altered perception of pain can lead to little or no stimulatory response, which can cause injury. For example, if a person burns her hand on a stove but does not feel pain, then she will not jump back quickly enough to avoid injury. Blocked inhibitions can also cause injury, as when a person decides to take an unnecessary risk.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

Lortab addiction treatment programs offer Lortab addicts the tools and support they need to cultivate a drug-free lifestyle. For example, if the patient developed his addiction while using Lortab as a pain-reliever, treatment will explore alternative methods for pain management until a solution is found. Lortab addiction treatment treats the whole person, not just an addition. Treatment typically consists of detox, counseling, holistic therapies, and aftercare.

Help Finding Rehabilitation for Lortab Abuse

If you or someone you love abuses Lortab, we can help. Just call our toll-free helpline for support, so we can answer your questions and connect you to a high quality treatment program. We can also look up your insurance information to let you know how much of your treatment will be covered by your policy. Don’t hesitate to contact us. All calls are free and confidential, and we are available 24/7. We can help you begin the recovery process today.