Hormonal Balance and Lortab Use

Hormonal Balance and Lortab UseUsing Lortab affects your body in more ways than you may think. Lortab abuse affects your body’s chemistry, which can have deeper effects than simply changing the way you behave or experience pain. This drug abuse can affect the way you think and feel, because it changes the chemistry of your brain and can cause hormonal imbalance. Hormones greatly affect they way you act, and even small changes in your hormonal balance can cause erratic and uncharacteristic behaviors. Lortab abuse and its effects on hormonal balance can be very unhealthy, so users should seek professional help to recover.

How Lortab Affects Hormones

A hormone is a chemical that cells release to signal other cells into action. The messages that a hormone sends affect the way the rest of the cells in the body behave. Therefore, any minor change in the way a hormone behaves or the amount that is released can cause far reaching effects. These effects can change the way the entire body behaves, oftentimes with extreme difficulty. Taking an illicit drug like Lortab can affect your hormones, leading to changes in both behavioral and mental health. The way Lortab changes your hormones may lead you to develop mental disorders or to display erratic behavior.

Hormonal Changes and Lortab Addiction

If Lortab abuse changes your hormones, you will not only damage your mental health, but you can also make it much more difficult to heal from Lortab addiction. Hormonal changes from drug abuse may cause you to abuse the drug, which will strengthen your Lortab addiction and make recovery even harder. The hormonal changes from Lortab abuse can initiate a cycle in which you feel compelled to abuse more Lortab. The more Lortab you abuse, the more your hormones are affected, so you feed even stronger drug cravings, which further disrupts your hormones, and so on. While this process seems unbearable, you can recover if you have the right help.

Help for Lortab Addiction and Hormone Imbalance

Lortab addiction can be crippling, but help is available that can get you past your addiction. If you suffer from Lortab addiction, call our toll-free helpline today and find out more about treatment. Our addiction experts are available 24 hours a day and want to help you find a treatment center for both your addiction and hormone imbalance. Call with any questions you have about Lortab addiction or rehab to find out how we can help.