How Are Communities Fighting Back Against Lortab Abuse?

How Are Communities Fighting Back Against Lortab Abuse?

Fighting Back Against Lortab Abuse

Addiction to prescription drugs like Lortab can be fought at many levels. Although countries at large can pass laws, regulate prescriptions, and promote certain messages about drug use, an individual’s recovery often results from smaller-scale efforts. While ending addiction requires individuals to face their drug use and the reasons behind it, families can support this recovery, and communities can offer resources, information, and education to prevent drug abuse and make treatment more accessible.

Is Lortab Abuse a Problem?

The abuse of prescription drugs like Lortab is now a greater problem and more common than use of cocaine, meth, heroin, and ecstasy. Part of the reason for the increase in prescription drug addiction is a growing accessibility to these drugs combined with a lack of information about their dangers. Many individuals assume Lortab is a harmless drug since it can have an important medical role and is prescribed by doctors. However, it is also a powerful narcotic that can lead to serious dependence and addiction issues.

Communities and Prescription Drug Addiction

Preventing addiction is one step in the overall process of reducing addiction rates. The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) shares seven strategies communities can employ to change how addiction is viewed and treated:

  • Provide information about the existence of drug abuse dangers and addiction
  • Enhance the skills of community residents who have the potential to prevent, identify, or treat addiction
  • Provide support for citizens and programs that are working to prevent or end prescription drug abuse
  • Increase access to treatment and needed related services, such as childcare and transportation
  • Increase rewards for positive anti-addiction efforts through public recognition of individuals and companies supporting recovery and prevention efforts
  • Change physical structures and community design to reduce the number of pain clinics and other sources for prescription drugs like Lortab
  • Change laws and public policies to include prescription drug monitoring programs and discourage doctor shopping

Communities can provide information and resources that encourage addiction recovery and help prevent the development of future Lortab abuse problems. They can reduce illegal access to drugs and increase access to treatment. They can bridge the gap between individuals who need help and governments that oversee drug policies on a large scale.

Fight Lortab Abuse

If you, a relative, or another close member of your community is struggling with prescription drug abuse, take action. Call our toll-free number and get connected to some of the best resources for intervention, treatment, and long-term recovery support. We want to help you build a healthier life and healthier community, so we are here for you 24 hours a day. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone today.