How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Lortab Abuse?

How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Lortab Abuse?It is very difficult for mothers to watch their children struggle with Lortab abuse. In some ways it may be more challenging when addicted offspring are adults because parents may feel that their options for helping are more limited. No matter the age or circumstances, however, there are always ways to make a positive difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction.

Questions for Mothers to Ask Themselves

In deciding how to best help an adult child struggling with Lortab abuse, mothers may wish to answer the following questions:

  • Are you unintentionally helping your son or daughter to maintain the addiction? This may take the form of loaning money or providing goods or services so that the addicted individual has more funds to purchase drugs. It is difficult to withhold help especially if there are grandchildren involved, but sometimes it is the most loving thing to do.
  • Are you protecting your child from the consequences of the addiction? This may include things like lying to employers or bailing a son or daughter out of jail. Addiction is powerful, and denial is strong. People addicted to Lortab are not likely to seek change until they feel the negative consequences of failing to treat their disease.
  • What is your leverage in the situation? If the addicted individual lives at home and you are providing room or board, you have more leverage than if he or she lives elsewhere.
  • Who are your allies in facing the issue? If the child is married, is the spouse supportive? Are there friends who are also concerned? There is both practical and emotional strength in working together.
  • Do you have help in dealing with your own emotions? Mothers of people addicted to Lortab generally have a great deal of frustration, anger and hurt mixed with concern for their children. Dealing with the negative emotions in a positive way can help free up emotional energy to focus on addressing the addicted individual’s needs. Attending a support group is often helpful.

Friends and Family Members Can Make a Difference

Sometimes mothers feel defeated and doubt that their efforts will actually make a difference. The truth, however, is that the actions of people who surround those struggling with addiction can greatly influence their recovery path. In a publication entitled Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment, The National Institute on Drug Abuse stresses that enticements and sanctions from family members and others can influence the rate at which people enter a treatment program, the rate at which they remain there and their ultimate success.

There are many ways that mothers can help their sons and daughters overcome addiction. Two significant ways are to engage in family mediation or plan a formal intervention. Both can be very helpful in changing family dynamics and moving the individual struggling with addiction toward recovery.

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