How Cost and Availability Affect Lortab Use

How Cost and Availability Affect Lortab UseMany factors are at play when a person begins using a drug. The cost and availability of a drug can make it difficult to say no if the drug is widely available. Lortab and other prescription painkillers are very easy to obtain, which contributes to the problems users have with Lortab addiction. Because Lortab is so easy to get, it makes it difficult to turn back from using it. The only way for you to quit Lortab and stay clean is to seek professional addiction treatment for Lortab addiction.

How Expensive is Lortab?

The prices of Lortab can vary depending on the dosage of the pill, the area you live in, and the supply on the street, but prices generally fluctuate between $5 and $15 per pill. When you first begin abusing Lortab this may seem like a small price, but if you begin using Lortab regularly you may quickly go from taking one or two pills a day to taking ten pills in one day. The financial cost of supporting a Lortab habit is huge. One thing that causes people to use Lortab instead of other opiates, though, is the price. Lortab can be cheaper than OxyContin, heroin, and other opiates that users abuse. The cheaper price does not change the fact that it is addictive and harmful.

Availability Makes Lortab Abuse Easier

Lortab is one of the more widely available prescription drugs that can be abused. Doctors often prescribe Lortab to patients after surgery, however many of these patients either start abusing the drug themselves, giving it to someone that will abuse it, or setting it aside until someone steals it from them later. There is a large amount of Lortab in circulation, making it easier than ever for a Lortab user to get their hands on more of their drug of choice. This availability is a very bad thing for a user because it will only cause his addiction to become worse and increase his risks of overdose.

Get the Help You Need for Lortab Addiction

Stop putting off receiving help for Lortab addiction. If you do not get help now your addiction is only going to get worse. Call our toll-free helpline today and one of our trained addiction experts will be happy to speak with you about the benefits of Lortab rehab and to help you locate an effective treatment center that fits your needs. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so call now and learn more about the benefits of Lortab addiction treatment.