How Culture Influences Lortab Abuse

How culture influences lortab abuseLortab is a narcotic painkiller and is among the causes of increasing levels of prescription drug addiction. There are many paths to addiction, and most people who find themselves caught in the grip of Lortab started with a legitimate prescription from their doctor. Often there are also cultural influences that can contribute to addiction.

The Cultural Stigma of Lortab Addiction

Our culture has led many of us to believe addiction to occur only in the undisciplined or unprivileged. Addiction may be seen as the result of reckless behavior or loose morals and may be seen as something that could never happen to strong or independent individuals. This view of addiction makes admitting to a struggle with Lortab use difficult or seemingly shameful. Few things bring the level of stigma and shame as drug or alcohol addiction.

The truth is that respectable, gainfully employed, personally disciplined and completely trustworthy people have found themselves caught in the cycle of Lortab addiction. Many users will struggle in silence because of the stigma associated with addiction. These individuals will fear admitting addiction and getting help while quietly slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of Lortab abuse. By the time Lortab addiction gets to the point where it is beyond hiding, and that day comes faster than any user ever expects, the personal shame can lead to hiding, lying, covering up and private attempts at quitting that fail. Depression and even suicide are real risks for people in this situation. This does not have to be the case, however.

The Glamour of Lortab Addiction

On the other end of the Lortab addiction spectrum are those who succumb to messages that glamorize and embellish Lortab addiction. Through celebrity drug use, media portrayal of Lortab or peer pressure, Lortab use can be normalized or made to seem casual and harmless. The search for an opiate “high” may lead some to mix Lortab with alcohol, cocaine or amphetamines. These combinations significantly speed up the addiction process and can lead to lasting and severe physical and psychological effects. Social groups that glamorize addiction actively oppose any members who seek help to get clean.

Rising above Cultural Influences to Get Help with Lortab Abuse

Lortab establishes powerful physical and psychological addiction. The main ingredient, hydrocodone, is an opiate directly related to heroin. It rewires the brain to process information and reinforces behavior in a devastating way. Even people who are committed to getting clean will often be unable to without help. If you are wrestling with a Lortab dependency but feel you are also involved in a cultural group that will not support your rehab, find resources that will.

Lortab Abuse Help

Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day, and we can confidentially answer any questions you may have. Addiction is a disease not a character flaw, and we are ready to help you find the supportive and effective help you need. We can even verify insurance coverage for treatment and help determine which treatment plans would be best for you. Don’t waste another day trapped in Lortab dependence. Rise above your culture and find one that supports a healthy and happy you.. Let us help you get clean and rediscover the freedom of a life above the influence of dependency.