How Do I Identify Lortab?

How Do I Identify Lortab?Pharmaceutical drugs such as Lortab are widely abused, but with so many drugs available it can be difficult to identify one pill from another, especially if you do not know what signs to look for. Identifying these pills can help you determine if a loved one is abusing Lortab, and it can keep unaware people safe from ingesting chemicals passed off as this drug. Ingesting chemicals that are posing as others can be dangerous, because users could react negatively to the unknown drugs, and they cannot be sure what the dosage is. Learn to identify Lortab to recognize if a loved one is abusing it; this knowledge will also keep you from ingesting counterfeit drugs.

What Does Lortab Look Like?

Lortab is prescribed to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain, and it is often given following surgery. It is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen that comes in doses of 5/500 or 7.5/500. Lortab typically comes in an oblong white tablet with blue dots that says “ucb” on one side and “902” or “903” on the other, and a line runs through the middle of the tablet. Lortab may also come in a pink tablet, but it will still be imprinted with “ucb” on one side.

Other Characteristics of Lortab

Lortab is an opioid, just as heroin, morphine, OxyContin and other powerful opiates are. It is a depressant, so abusing this drug results in euphoria, sedation and calming effects. At higher doses, users may nod off or have trouble remaining conscious, particularly if they take a high dose of the drug. Lortab is highly addictive, but people also become tolerant to its effects. In response to tolerance people who become addicted to Lortab may move on to more powerful opiates, such as OxyContin or heroin once they need higher doses to experience the drug’s euphoric effects.

Coping with Lortab Addiction

If you try to live with Lortab addiction, then your addiction will only get worse; however, if you seek professional help then you can get the attention that you need to change your life. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today to find out how Lortab addiction treatment can help you get back on the right track. Our admissions coordinators are standing by to give you details regarding what happens during addiction treatment, and they can also let you know if your health insurance will help you pay for rehab. If you would like help addressing a Lortab addiction, then call us now.