How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Lortab Anymore?

How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Lortab Anymore?Lortab contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone and is used to treat pain due to injury, surgery or a chronic pain condition. The hydrocodone portion of the drug is highly habit forming, and taking too much Lortab for an extended period of time can lead to addiction. Most people who use Lortab to treat pain don’t plan on becoming addicted, but, if the person using the drug takes more than the prescribed amount or finds he or she cannot make it to the next dose without craving more, dependence is developing. Realizing you have a Lortab addiction, admitting it to your family and asking for help to get clean are important steps on the road to recovery.

Understanding Lortab Addiction

Lortab is a powerful narcotic pain reliever. Narcotic pain relievers change how the body perceives pain. The brain’s receptors release a hormone called dopamine that produces a feeling of pleasure or euphoria. When Lortab is present, the brain no longer produces dopamine, because the Lortab is working in its place. When the Lortab is removed, the person who is addicted to the drug has withdrawal symptoms. Lortab withdrawal symptoms can appear hours after use is stopped and can least several weeks. The safest way to deal with Lortab withdrawal is through medically supervised detox at a drug rehab center.

Telling Your Family about Your Lortab Addiction

The family of a person with a Lortab addiction often already knows about the drug abuse. Unusual patterns of behavior, needing to use and keep a supply of the drug at all times, spending money you don’t have and avoiding old friends and relationships are all signs to loved ones that there is a problem. Family members may be waiting to see if the problem will go away, or they may have confronted their addicted loved one about the drug’s use. Regardless of whether your use is a secret or not telling your family about Lortab abuse opens the door for healing and lets the process of finding rehab and recovery begin.

Sometimes it is easier to tell one family member first, like a parent or a sibling, instead of revealing the problem to a large group. Confiding in the person you trust the most is a great place to begin. That person will help you determine when and where the rest of the family members should be told. Telling one person in your family makes telling others easier and breaks the silence everyone shares when drug addiction is present. Your family members can be involved in family counseling during and after rehab to help them understand your addiction and how best to help you during recovery.

Help for Lortab Addiction

Family members can be a big part of helping end Lortab addiction, and reaching out to them is an important step in the recovery process. If you struggle with Lortab addiction, we are here to help. Our caring and confidential counselors are waiting to answer your questions about Lortab addiction, talking about addiction and the treatment options available to you. Call our toll-free helpline today.