How Does Lortab Work?

How Does Lortab Work?Lortab is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, both powerful pain medications. As an opiate, hydrocodone is highly addictive, so Lortab abuse can easily lead to a dependency. It is important to understand how Lortab works so that you will be better prepared to prevent and/or fight addiction.

Lortab and Your Central Nervous System

The intestines absorb Lortab into the bloodstream to travel to your brain and spinal cord. Lortab will be used either to inhibit or mimic certain reactions in your brain to reduce pain. This is highly effective to fight pain, but it can also be potentially dangerous. Anytime you ingest a drug that can interfere with the normal occurrences in your brain, you need to be careful. Diligently adhere to dosage instructions; never take more Lortab or more frequently than your doctor recommends. Furthermore, never allow anyone else to use your prescription Lortab, nor should you take anyone else’s prescription, as it may result in complications and addiction. Lortab can affect your reaction speed, so use caution when taking Lortab and performing activities like driving. If you think you can handle yourself while on Lortab, think again: it can cause a dangerous accident or irreversible problem if you make the wrong choices with your medication.

Is Lortab Addictive?

Lortab can be highly addictive because it is made up of hydrocodone, highly addictive opiate. You should always take precautions when taking Lortab, even if you have a prescription, in order to prevent addiction. You can form a Lortab addiction in many different ways. One of the most common ways is to abuse it recreationally. But those who abuse the drug eventually will find that their bodies demand more Lortab to achieve the same effects, and even at times you wish to avoid use. This is because of tolerance. Your body can get used to a certain amount of Lortab always being in its system and start demanding even more to get the desired effect. If you experience tolerance, view this as a stepping stone toward addiction.

Tolerance can also play a part in another way to become addicted, if you disregard your prescription and dosage instructions to get the same level of relief as before. As tolerance builds, you will require higher doses more frequently to feel its effects, but this can quickly lead to an addiction. Always double check your dosage instructions with your pharmacist/doctor and follow them closely in order to avoid addiction. If you think your dosage is too low, consult a medical professional before changing your dosage on your own.

Lortab Addiction Help

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to help you find the professional help that you need. Our addiction counselors answer any question you have about addiction or treatment. They can also help you connect you with quality treatment centers, and help you find out if your insurance will cover any treatment costs. Don’t let another second pass you by without picking up the phone and finding help.