How Education Can Prevent Lortab Addiction

How Education Can Prevent Lortab AddictionAs both prescription painkiller use and abuse are on the rise, it is becoming increasingly vital that people understand the benefits and risks of drugs like Lortab. This drug is an opiate painkiller that is highly addictive; it is a combination of hydrocodone prescribed for chronic pain or pain associated with surgery and injury. Because of its euphoric effects, some people abuse Lortab for recreational purposes, but addiction can develop in ways other than this. For instance, deviating from a physician’s instruction or being irresponsible with a prescription can cause addiction even in someone trying to manage pain.

Raising Awareness about Lortab

While communicating about Lortab use and addiction, it is important to address the following topics:

  • Responsible drug use – Explain that not all Lortab use is bad, but that it is important to take only what is prescribed to you, as well as to follow a physician’s advice.
  • Side effects of the drug – Note the side effects that result even from proper use, and both the physical and psychological dangers of Lortab addiction.
  • Effect on the community – Discuss how abuse damages people who legitimately need the drug, and how it contributes to rising crime rates, injuries and fatalities. People may also avoid drugs if they know of the funding that is needed to support medical costs and treatment programs.
  • Drug-seeking behaviors – Learn to identify the signs of abuse and addiction.
  • The difference between illegal and prescription drugs – It helps when people can distinguish the difference between illicit substances and prescription drugs such as Lortab, but people should also be able to recognize when Lortab use is illegal.

The following resources can educate both children and adults about Lortab and addiction:

  • School programs – Age-sensitive drug awareness programs teach students to combat peer pressure and avoid situations where they might encounter drugs.
  • Community programs – Various organizations help adults with pain management issues by providing accountability and information.
  • Resources for family members of addicts – Learning not only about addiction but also the treatment options can help loved ones communicate with an addict and connect him with professional treatment.

If you take these steps against Lortab abuse, you may prevent an addiction or encourage someone to get help.

The Benefits of Lortab Education

When people abuse Lortab, they often focus on the pleasure of the high, and they justify use by the drug’s legal status. However, raising awareness of the drug and its proper uses can help prevent addiction. Realizing the pain and grief that can result from addiction (both on the individual and on her loved ones) can prevent people from using, and it can motivate addicts to seek treatment. Hearing about the impact on the community can also reveal the darker aspects of prescription drug abuse.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

If you are addicted to Lortab and are ready to recover, call our toll-free helpline today to speak with a counselor about your treatment options. Our counselors are available 24 hours day to help you overcome the addiction and regain control of your life. Please call today for instant support.