How Lortab Addiction Affects Communities

How Lortab Addiction Affects CommunitiesAccording to the U.S. government’s 2010 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) report, pharmaceutical pain relievers are the leading cause of drug-related emergency room visits. Whether through misuse or abuse, painkillers accounted for a total of 660,000 medical emergencies in 2010, which is more than two visits for every 1,000 citizens in a single year. Furthermore, adults accounted for nearly five times more painkiller-related emergencies than young people under 21 did. Lortab, a hydrocodone-based medication, is among the most popular prescription pain relievers. The drug has a high rate of accidental dependence and intentional abuse, and as seen by this emergency room data, the growing number of Lortab addicts is already having an impact on entire communities.

How Lortab Abuse Hurts Others

Hydrocodone is derived from naturally occurring opiates, which is what gives Lortab such high addiction potential. As the number of addicted individuals grows in a community, the negative effects the addiction can have on that community may include the following:

  • Hospitals become clogged with medication-related emergencies
  • Emergency room patients without insurance push their medical costs onto the community
  • Violent pharmacy robberies increase in response to growing painkiller demand
  • Serious and fatal car accidents caused by painkiller intoxication increase in number
  • Some users steal pills from those with real needs, like injured friends or loved ones
  • Obsessive drug-seeking behavior compromises family and workplace responsibilities
  • Abuse-related mood swings and personality changes impact the user’s entire social circle
  • Diminished decision-making skills during intoxication can lead to serious accidents

At a basic civic level, addiction can add stress to police departments, emergency crews, courts, hospitals and many other community services.

How Lortab Abuse Hurts You

When an addiction takes hold, Lortab also affects the user in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Drops in blood pressure levels
  • Accelerated mental health issues
  • Strange aches and pains
  • Sight and sound sensitivity
  • Blackouts and memory lapses
  • Serious organ damage

These can cause direct effects on the Lortab addict and can also have indirect effects on others. For example, a blackout can cause a major accident, and criminal consequences can burden the addict’s family with emotional and financial pain.

Lortab Dependency Treatment

Painkiller addiction is difficult to recover from without help, but rehab professionals are experts at minimizing discomfort and helping you find recovery. Rehab facilities typically provide a number of therapy options, including the following:

  • A tapered detox program that reduces withdrawals by weaning patients off the drug gradually
  • Mental health screenings to treat common co-occurring conditions like depression
  • Behavioral therapies that improve the patient’s outlook and life skills
  • Non-narcotic holistic options to deal with ongoing or future pain
  • Group support to express ideas and feelings and learn from others
  • Aftercare counseling to help with setbacks and struggles

Rehab facilities also help with strategies to repair damaged or strained relationships back home, including those relationships within the community.

Finding Lortab Abuse Help

Does it feel like Lortab abuse has taken control of your life? Please call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to talk about addiction warning signs, rehab options and health insurance benefits. Make the call today and let us help.