How Lortab Can Keep You From Reaching Your Potential

How Lortab Can Keep You From Reaching Your PotentialWe all have different life goals, yet drug abuse and addiction will stop anyone from reaching his or her potential. Some of us want to become doctors, construction workers, artists or teachers. Some want to start families right away, some want to pursue careers first and others would rather travel. There are no wrong goals, but there are harmful actions that will prevent you from reaching your goals. Addiction to powerful opiates such as Lortab can put an immediate halt to any momentum towards your desired future.

Lortab Abuse and Employment

Lortab use will affect your job and your future career aspirations. A failed drug test can lead to immediate termination and make finding a new job difficult. Legal trouble related to drug use can similarly impact job searches and options. If you are on track toward your dream career, you can lose all progress you have made if you abuse Lortab. If you already have a job you love, you can lose it to addiction and have a difficult time getting it back. However, while Lortab abuse will close doors, recovery can reopen them or offer new ones.

Lortab and Crime

Individuals addicted to Lortab may turn to crime to pay for their drug of choice. They may steal the drug itself, commit pharmacy or doctor fraud or face other charges related to addiction. Criminal charges come with immediate legal fees and potential fines, and these can cut into life savings once earmarked for buying a house, starting a family, traveling or accomplishing a life goal. A criminal record can also affect employment and other future opportunities.

Lortab Abuse and Your Health

Lortab can end your life before you have a chance to become who you want to be or achieve what you want to accomplish. Opiate overdose can lead to immediate death, coma or permanent brain damage. Use can lead to a weakened immune system, infection, HIV or hepatitis. These health issues leave individuals vulnerable to a variety of potentially fatal illnesses or can cause long-term poor health that affects their ability to enjoy everyday life or participate in activities they once valued. Poor health limits your ability to participate in social and professional activities or to find the joy in everyday life. Breaking free from addiction allows you to heal on physical, emotional and psychological levels and begin participating in and enjoying every moment.

Achieve a Drug-Free Life

Once you are free from addiction, you are free to do whatever you need to in order to reach your potential. Don’t just dream about a drug-free future; accomplish it. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about your options for addiction treatment and long-term recovery. We are here 24 hours a day, so reach out and begin reaching your goals now.