How Others Influence Your Lortab Use

How Others Influence Your Lortab UseWhether you want to believe it or not, many of the decisions that you make in your life are influenced by a number of different people and things, such as friends, family, and media. When it comes to drug abuse, you (and the rest of the country) are influenced by what you see on TV, how your parents talk about drug use, and what your friends think of it. In many cases, these influences can either cause you to begin abusing Lortab, or keep you away from it entirely.

What Can Influence My Lortab Use?

People abuse Lortab for a number of different reasons, especially as means of coping with past traumatic events that they might have experienced. However, your Lortab use can also be impacted by your surroundings. You may decide to use Lortab or to abstain from depending on the following:

  • Peer pressure – Regardless of your age, there is likely someone in your life who is abusing medications such as Lortab. If he or she pressures you to use, you might feel as though you need to use in order to be accepted by both the user and those connected to him or her.
  • Parent’s role modeling – The role modeling displayed by your parents can impact your potential for Lortab abuse. For example, if your parents spent time talking to you about the dangers of drug abuse and made it clear that it was not acceptable, you are less likely to use the drug. If your parents did not take drug abuse seriously, you might be more inclined to experiment with drugs such as Lortab, as your main role models have done little to prevent you from doing so.
  • Media influence – The media presents both anti-drug campaigns and glorified drug use in movies and TV shows. As a result, you receive mixed signals on the dangers of Lortab abuse, and your final decision to use or to abstain will likely come from whichever media outlet you most identify with.

Your Lortab use can be influenced by peer pressure, your parent’s role modeling and the various media sources you are surrounded by on a regular basis.

Preventing Negative Drug Influences

While there is no surefire way to prevent Lortab abuse from developing, there are number of things that you can do to prevent external influences from impacting your chances of abusing this specific drug. The first and most important thing you can do is get educated on Lortab and other prescription drugs that are popular. By learning about the side effects and what the drug does to your body, you can develop a stronger understanding of why you should not abuse it. You can also be aware of the types of movies and TV shows you watch, and whether or not they promote or glamorize drug use. The most important thing you can do, however, is make sure you have effective outlets, stay active and remain connected to friends and family who support a sober lifestyle.

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