How to Approach a Lortab Addict

How to approach a lortab addictDoes someone you love need freedom from an addiction to Lortab? Approaching a loved one about addiction is never an easy thing to do, but it may be necessary to get that person to a place where he or she is ready to accept help.

Understanding Lortab Addiction

It is helpful to understand the nature of Lortab addiction and the unique issues that may be present. Lortab is a name brand for a narcotic pain killer made of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Some people begin using Lortab by prescription because of an injury or surgery, not realizing that with prolonged use they may not be able to quit. Many addicts become so hooked on it that they begin to abuse the parameters set forth by their physicians. When someone begins to forge prescriptions, “doctor shop” or turn to street dealers to accommodate their growing need for Lortab, addiction is obvious.  However the medication is obtained, one thing can be certain, the user grows desperate to satisfy the craving that exists in their body and their mind.

Diffusing Defensiveness in the Lortab Addict

No matter how diplomatically you approach a Lortab addict, you can expect to be met with some defensiveness. Most people do not want to face the fact that they are addicted, especially if they have gone to great lengths to hide the reality that you are now bringing into the light. You can help diffuse defensiveness in your loved one by assuring them that you have their best interest in mind, that you care about their future and that you are willing to help them take the first step toward recovery.

Guidelines for a Lortab Intervention

Often friends or family members will pursue intervention on behalf of the loved one. In order for the intervention to be healthy and productive, it should abide by the following basic guidelines:

  • Whenever possible, professional help should be obtained in planning an intervention. There are recovery counselors who specialize in this important process, and the wisdom from their experience is invaluable.
  • The intervention gives family and friends an opportunity to share their observations and concerns for the addict. This should always be done in a caring way.
  • Have treatment options in place prior to the intervention. If the meeting is successful, and the addict admits the need and the desire for treatment, the addict can act on his or her new resolution as soon as possible.

We Can Help You Approach a Lortab Addict

If you are concerned about someone you care for and want to help them find freedom from Lortab addiction, we can help. Whether you just need information to move forward with approaching the addict, or you are ready to establish a treatment plan to present to your loved one, call us. We have recovery specialists standing by 24 hours a day, and the call is toll-free. Take the first step to help your friend or family member find healing from addiction. Call today.