How to Heal from Lortab Addiction

How to heal from lortab addictionLortab addiction can take over a life, but healing is possible. Healing isn’t instantaneous, however. There is a process that most people experience on their journey to recovery.

Beginning Recovery from Lortab Addiction

The first step on the journey back to wholeness is to recognize and acknowledge Lortab addiction. Denial is part of Lortab addiction, and it isn’t unusual for people who are very much in need of help to deceive themselves into thinking they don’t have a problem. However, addiction is gradual disease, and it isn’t always easy for users to realize that they have passed the point at which their drug use is manageable.

The next step on the journey is to realize that Lortab addiction, like other diseases, can’t be overcome without help. Lortab changes the brains of those who use it regularly, and those changes lead to feelings of deprivation and intense cravings. People who try to overcome Lortab addiction on their own find themselves fighting their own minds. The accountability, encouragement and practical help offered by a treatment program can make all the difference.

Treatment Options for Lortab Addiction

Once a Lortab user has decided to seek help, the next step is to decide what form that help should take. Factors such as the severity of addiction, financial considerations and scheduling issues should be considered when deciding whether a residential or outpatient program will be the best fit. Detox is the first stage of addiction treatment. Some programs have onsite detox facilities, while others expect detox to be completed at a hospital or clinic before entering the program. During detox, Lortab withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and managed, so the experience will be as comfortable as possible.

A thorough assessment of needs is an important part of recovery from Lortab addiction. Lortab addiction often co-occurs with other physical or mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. Treatment outcomes are enhanced when all needs are addressed simultaneously, so finding a program which treats co-occurring conditions is beneficial.

Whatever type of addiction treatment program is chosen, counseling will be part of the treatment protocol. Counseling will help identify underlying issues that may have contributed to the addiction and will also address issues that may have arisen because of it. Drug use triggers will be identified and strategies for relapse prevention developed. New, pleasurable activities which can replace drug use will be discussed. Families are often affected negatively by addiction issues, and many treatment programs offer couples or family counseling to rebuild relationships.

Beginning the Lortab Healing Process

The sooner the healing process begins, the sooner it can be completed. If you are dealing with Lortab addiction, don’t wait to get help. Start by calling our toll-free 24 hour helpline. We can help you explore treatment options and find a program that fits your needs and budget. We can check your insurance coverage and answer any other questions you have. You can heal, and we can help.