How to Manage Lortab Withdrawal Symptoms

How to Manage Lortab Withdrawal SymptomsLortab is a hydrocodone-based pain reliever prescribed by doctors, but its opiate compounds give the drug a strong potential for abuse. After regular use, the body develops a physical dependency on the drug, and progressively rising tolerance levels demand higher and higher quantities. At this point, users who quit or decrease the dosage begin to feel the physical and emotions pains of withdrawal.

What Are Lortab Withdrawal Symptoms Like?

When an addict suddenly decreases Lortab use, the withdrawal symptoms can begin in a matter of hours. Lortab withdrawal symptoms are not usually dangerous, but they are very uncomfortable. They generally include the following:

  • Obsessive cravings for the pain medicine
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Cold sweats
  • Muscle pain

The discomfort increases over the first two or three days, and then it slowly declines over the next week. Attempting this without professional help can be especially difficult.

Risks of Lortab Abuse

The withdrawals might be uncomfortable, but continued abuse can be downright deadly. As an opiate-based medication, Lortab has several potential side effects and health risks. These can include the following:

  • Dangerously depressed respiration
  • Possible blood disorder
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Serious allergic reaction or drug interaction
  • Potentially life-threatening overdose

Lortab is also advertised for sale on rogue websites. As a Schedule 3 substance, Lortab is a prescription only drug, making such online sales illegal. Moreover, these unregulated sites often send potentially dangerous bootlegged and bastardized versions, and they have famously sent antipsychotic medicine to buyers, instead of Lortab. This too has resulted in emergency room situations.

Treating Lortab Withdrawal Symptoms and Addiction

Treatment centers offer the best Lortab detox. They provide medical supervision and know how to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. Specialists often wean the user off the drug for a more tapered withdrawal, and other options exist for more deep-rooted addictions. Professional treatment also helps empower the recovery by providing the following:

  • Mental health screenings to look for depression, anxiety disorders and mania
  • Co-occurring treatment for any type of health issue or emotional condition
  • Alternative methods to reduce pain if the addiction stemmed from a legitimate prescription
  • Behavioral therapies that instill positive life skills and address unhealthy habits
  • Relapse prevention tools to get through trying moments and resist drug use triggers
  • Aftercare support with counseling, group therapy and recovery sponsors

The fear of withdrawal symptoms is a common reason people delay getting help, but with today’s treatment breakthroughs, a rehab center can significantly decrease any discomfort.

Lortab Dependency Help

Do you suffer from a Lortab addiction and fear the withdrawal symptoms? Call our toll-free helpline and talk with a treatment specialist. Our expert staff can explain the withdrawal symptoms and answer any questions about addiction signs and treatment options. Many health insurance companies cover addiction treatment, and we can check your policy for coverage. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day, so call now and let us help.