How to Reduce the Risk of Lortab Addiction

How to Reduce the Risk of Lortab AddictionLortab addiction often begins with unregulated drug prescriptions that are left around the house, unused and forgotten. In this case, teenagers and young adults can sometimes find and begin experimenting with drugs, which can begin a pattern of drug abuse. Preventing such misuse and abuse entails the following precautions and steps:

  • Dispose of any unused prescription drugs
  • Keep all prescription drugs out of the reach of children
  • Keep prescription drugs in a secure place away from where a young family member might find them
  • Talk with older family members about the dangers of drug abuse. Keep lines of communication open

How to Learn about Lortab Addiction

In order to minimize the chances of getting addicted to Lortab (either for you or someone in your family), get educated. Learn as much as you can about the proper ways to use Lortab, the dangers of the drug and the ways the drug can affect your body and your brain. You can ask your doctor, your physician’s assistant, a nurse or the pharmacist about Lortab, about how to take the drug properly and about how to avoid misusing or abusing it.

How Family History Affects Drug Abuse

Because family history is often a factor in abuse and addiction, you can help yourself and your family out by learning about your family history of addiction. There are several important factors to consider as you seek to avoid addiction to Lortab, including the following:

  • Do you have any family history of alcoholism? If one parent has such a history, there is some increase in risk. If both parents have alcohol problems, there may be a clear increase in the risk factor. If this is the case, you should consult with your doctor before beginning any drug treatment with a potential for drug addiction.
  • Do you have a tendency or history of depression? Do you have either or both parents who have some history of depression or mental illness? These issues can be a factor in increasing the risk of drug addiction.
  • Is there a tendency toward violence and aggression—in out of control behavior?

What Are the Early Signs of Lortab Addiction?

The signs that point toward any drug addiction are similar to the signs of Lortab addiction; they can be subtle, even undetectable at first. Any drug paraphernalia is a definite sign, but also consider missing amounts of cash or other easy-to-sell items. Other signs of addiction include the following:

  • New group of friends whose behavior is odd, suspicious and furtive
  • Significant changes in behavior and attitude
  • Drop in job performance or school grades
  • Lack of interest in activities that previously interested the addict
  • A constant need for money
  • A secretive or furtive attitude, hypersensitive to privacy
  • An overdependence on the drug, even if used with a legal prescription

Lortab Addiction Help

It is always better and easier to go through detox and rehab if you can catch the addiction early. Whatever the stage of the addiction, early or late, getting help is the crucial, essential step. Don’t wait to find out if you or a loved one has an addiction. Get help now: call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline for information and for helpful, nonjudgmental advice.