How to Reduce the Risk of Lortab Addiction

Lortab’s addictive power

How to Reduce the Risk of Lortab AddictionLortab is a powerful drug that has proven to be very effective in treating chronic and acute pain. As a narcotic drug, it can be used to help you cope with pain, and if used according to doctor’s orders and as directed by the prescription, it can make for temporary relief of pain in ways that allow you to continue with your life. For this reason, it is a drug that can easily create dependence and addiction. A combination of hydrocone and acetaminophen, it comes to the public with several other brand names (Lorcet, Norco, Vicodin). Its effectiveness and the frequency of prescription make it a commonly abused drug as it is readily available both on the street and through fraudulent, illegal means.

Stay in contact with your doctor

Perhaps the most effective way to reduce the risk of addiction to Lortab is to stay in contact with your doctor. Keep him or her in the loop. Communicate your issues and make sure your doctor knows how the Lortab prescription is—or is not—helping you cope with your pain.

Monitor your response to Lortab

As you work with your doctor, be sure to monitor and be aware of your response to Lortab in the following ways:

  • Are you sticking with the instructions give you by the doctor? Are staying within the dosages?
  • Do you find yourself self-medicating, justifying an addiction dose because “you know” best how to manage your pain?
  • Do you save pills for days when you feel you need a little extra help get through the day?
  • Do you look forward not only to the relief from pain but to the euphoria you experience?
  • Do you find you need large doses?

Keep in mind what a Lortab addiction will do to you

Like all addictions, a Lortab addiction can ruin your personal life, causing emotion, physical, and financial harm to you and your family. Remind yourself of these negative consequences:

  • As with most addictions, a Lortab addiction can cause severe damage to major organs.
  • The financial drain can be significant.
  • You can find yourself engaged in dangerous and illegal activities.
  • You will lose touch with the daily pleasures of life.
  • You will experience the mildly to severe discomfort of withdrawal (vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, muscle pain).

Get help

If you think you may be drifting into an addiction to Lortab—or if you have already become addicted—seek help. Don’t delay, as each day can be one that will cause you to sink further into the dangerous, unhealthy habit. Call the toll free number right now to contact professionals who can help you avoid or escape a Lortab addiction.