I’m the Mother of a Lortab Addict: What Should I Do?

I’m the Mother of a Lortab Addict: What Should I Do?Mothers of addicts often feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. They fear they are losing their children, but do not know what to do or say. Being the mother of a Lortab addict may seem hopeless, but you can bring your child closer to health and recovery if you take action now.

Move Past the Stigma

One of the first steps mothers must take is to look past the stigmas that surround Lortab addiction, because they make addiction so difficult to address. In fact, as CNN.com explains, “the stigma of having a child with addiction is all too real and incredibly painful. Announce to your community your child has a disease like cancer and people will jump to help…Not so when you tell them your child is an addict” (“Being an Addict’s Mom,” August 28, 2014). However, you can change this problem. Speak up against stigmas based in ignorance. Saying and doing nothing only prolongs Lortab addiction, so ignore public criticism and do not allow stigmas to limit your actions. Speak up to family, friends and your child; speak with addiction specialists and take action even if you face criticism. Raise awareness to support your child’s return to health, because you can help other mothers begin the journey toward healing.

Move Toward the Future

Addiction harms more people than the addict, because it leaves families and parents feeling lost, weary and overwhelmed. CNN.com shares that “many mothers immediately beat up on themselves when they learn their children are battling addiction…the powerlessness of being an addict’s mom is worse than people might imagine.” In other words, do not blame yourself for your child’s dependency. Addiction is a disease, and the past cannot be rewritten. Instead of feeling sorry for your child, take a positive look at the future, and then improve the lives of yourself and your child. Look at the past to determine when and if you enabled drug abuse, and then make positive, healing choices in the future. Talk with therapists, support groups and other addiction professionals to learn what constitutes enabling. Learn how to balance the acts of supporting your child without supporting Lortab abuse.

Help Your Child Address Lortab Addiction

The first thing you need to do as the mother of a Lortab addict is get information. When you are ready to take action, then talk to an expert who understands, someone who may even have been in the same place you are right now. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to talk with an admissions coordinator who will help you find addiction treatment for your child and support for your family. They can help through every stage of addiction recovery, so call now to start healing.