Is Depression the Root of Lortab Abuse?

Is Depression the Root of Lortab Abuse?Many medical professionals believe that there is always an underlying cause for Lortab abuse. Depression is a common root cause because people often fail to realize when they are suffering from depression. When certain mental illnesses are not quickly recognized or treated, it can trigger the use of substances such as painkiller abuse.

Depression and Lortab

Depression and related disorders can often occur alongside very uncomfortable feelings of health disorders, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, isolation, hopelessness and an overwhelming sadness. When the individual fails to get depression help or when medications are not prescribed properly, it is tempting for such people to self-medicate. However, Lortab addiction will only make depression worse.

Although painkiller use may relieve some of the symptoms of depression temporarily, once the effects of the drug wear off, the depression can be even darker. This is often known as withdrawal depression and it can happen every time the effects of the chemical wear off. The symptoms may go unnoticed at first but it will eventually trigger more serious painkiller abuse.

Several complications can arise from depression and Lortab abuse. If the substance is used when the individual is on medication for depression, the drug can deactivate or potentiate the prescribed medication. This can easily put the individual in serious medical danger.

Is it Important to Know the Root Cause of Lortab Addiction?

People with Lortab addiction often think that their depression is caused because of the drug. Although it is possible, it is important for a professional to dig deeper and find the root cause of the depression. Experienced therapists help each individual gently uncover the causes of a Lortab addiction without adding extra stress or trauma to the person seeking help. It is important for professionals to know the relationship between depression and Lortab abuse because if an individual had depression before substance abuse, he or she may need a different type treatment and medical intervention compared to depression caused by Lortab abuse.

When depression is only a side effect of addiction, the nature of treatment is different and the depression will usually ease once the addiction is treated. However, it may not be easy to determine if the depression preceded the Lortab abuse or if the addiction caused it since the addict may not be able to focus, may be too sad, numb or unable to provide information accurately. Despite such challenges, knowing this can help professionals determine the right course of treatment. For family members and friends, it is important to learn to spot the symptoms of depression so they can help a loved one before he turns to drugs for help.

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