Is Lortab Abuse Changing?

Is Lortab Abuse Changing?

Prescription drug abuse, including Lortab, is on the increase

Lortab is by far one of the most powerful drugs on the market today, primarily because it contains the popular painkiller hydrocodone. It is also cut with acetaminophen to help mitigate the effects of the hydrocodone, however, it is still very dangerous. Prior to the prescription drug epidemic that reached new heights in 2011 and ever since, the abuse of Lortab was not nearly as common as it is today.

According to Rehab International, more than 60% of those who are struggling with addiction are abusing drugs such as Lortab that contain hydrocodone. In addition, more than 200 prescription drugs contain hydrocodone, with Lortab being one of them. The common denominator here is the hydrocodone, and Lortab just happens to be one of the most commonly abused drugs that contain it.

Since Lortab contains hydrocodone, many users are in the process of switching from Lortab abuse to heroin abuse because heroin is much cheaper and easier to obtain with similar effects as Lortab. This is a current trend that is spreading throughout the country as more and more people who abuse drugs such as Lortab turn to heroin instead.

However, that does not mean that Lortab abuse is going down. People are still abusing this drug at all-time high rates, despite many efforts to get drugs such as Lortab off the streets. Today, prescription drug abuse is considered unacceptable thanks to the many people speaking out against it and working to prevent it on a regular basis. The stigma surrounding someone who is abusing Lortab is still negative, although greater numbers of people are starting to understand that addiction is a disease that requires professional care, not a sign of a character flaw. As the stigma is reduced, more people who abuse Lortab feel able to reach out for help.

Treatment facilities nationwide are filled, and people are sitting on waiting lists to get in and get the help they deserve. While such facilities are working to better accommodate this influx of patients, this is ultimately a great sign that more people are turning to treatment. This is a new development and a welcomed one, as the continued abuse of a drug such as Lortab can be dangerous and deadly.

Do You Need Treatment?

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