It’s Never Too Late in Life to Achieve Recovery from Lortab

It’s Never Too Late in Life to Achieve Recovery from LortabMany people think that addicts are in their 20s or 30s, when the truth is that even elderly people struggle with drug abuse, albeit for unique reasons. In truth, addiction does not discriminate between people based on age, so it can affect teenagers and people in their 90s at the same time. However, no matter the age of a Lortab addict, everyone can achieve and maintain sobriety.

Am I too Old to Break Lortab Addiction?

Achieving and maintain Lortab addiction recovery is a lifelong process that requires constant supervision. However, people at any age can achieve sobriety from this powerful drug for the following reasons:

  • Improved health
  • Recovery is possible
  • Every life is worth the fight

Recovery can greatly improve one’s health for many reasons, from his physical and mental health to his spiritual wellbeing. This improved health can even foster self-esteem, which can further increase one’s success for long-term sobriety. But the older one gets, the more difficult or more time it takes to overcome  addiction. The process of recovery may take a bit longer for older people, but sobriety can be achieved at any age. Lastly, no matter your age or the behaviors you perpetrated while under the influence, your life is worth the fight for sobriety.

Effects of Long-term Lortab Addiction

By avoiding addiction treatment, an addict can remain stuck in her drug abuse habits. In fact, a long-term addiction can cause any of the following issues:

  • Health conditions
  • Mental conditions
  • Worsening addiction

As one’s age increases, so does her risk of developing age-appropriate health conditions and ailments. However, when you add addiction into the mix, then any preexisting conditions can worsen, and even issues that have laid dormant could form, which could jeopardize one’s quality of life. Furthermore, along with worsening health, drug abuse can jeopardize one’s mental health so much that mental health issues can form, such as depression and/or anxiety. With these new health issues, someone may use even more drugs to alleviate painful symptoms. In other words, continued drug abuse can devastate life, especially if someone is in her elder years, but professional treatment can help you regardless of your age.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know struggles with Lortab addiction, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you find the best treatment for your unique needs. Life is too good to spend with regret, so call us now to begin recovery as soon as possible.