Life After Addiction: What Does the Family Healing Process Look Like?

Life After Addiction: What Does the Family Healing Process Look Like?Someone’s struggle with Lortab addiction affects not only him, but also his family members. When people become addicted to this drug, their abnormal behavior is witnessed and often felt by their families and loved ones. Family members can experience numerous hardships as a result of an addiction, including the following issues:

  • Intimate relationships often suffer as the addict prioritizes Lortab
  • Children can become afraid of the addicted parent or sibling, so they may either become distant or they may disregard authority
  • The family may experience economic struggles if the addict lost her job and spent excessive amounts of money on the addiction
  • Families can experience emotional trauma if addicts become aggressive and argumentative
  • The abnormal behaviors of Lortab addiction can cause the addict to abuse his family, which may encourage those family members to be violent toward others
  • Lortab addiction can encourage users to engage in risky sexual behavior, which may cause infidelity in their intimate relationships
  • Spouses may separate themselves from the addict through divorce, and children may be taken away or decide to avoid the addict
  • Impressionable children may see drug abuse as a tolerable act, so they may abuse drugs themselves

Every addict’s family has a unique experience with the repercussions of the addiction, and the healing process can look much different based on the family’s structure. In other words, the healing process of addiction and the addict’s recovery will be different for every family. However, all families can benefit from family recovery programs that support recovering an addict’s family members. Intensive recovery programs can offer the following benefits to the families of a recovering addict:

  • One-on-one and group counseling sessions for each family member
  • Education about co-dependent relationships, and how family members may enable the addict
  • Education about the fundamentals of Lortab addiction, such as how it develops and how it can physically change the brain
  • Identifying and addressing a families’ unhealthy habits that support drug abuse
  • Classes for building a strong support network that encourages the addict to quit using
  • Activities with peer groups that allow families to meet with other families of addicts to share experiences and to compare notes

Family recovery programs and 12-step support groups can help families ignite the healing process and mend broken relationships

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